The Biology Department at High Point University emphasizes one-on-one interactions between students and faculty, and helping students gain a strong foundation in basic biology. With a strong foundation students will have the training necessary to pursue if they so desire a wide range of options after graduation including graduate, medical, or veterinarian school, and the private or public sector in a biology related profession. Our program and our approach to working with students helps them gain the knowledge and first hand experience necessary to set and fulfill their long-term goals. The Department has thirteen faculty members each with a strong and active interest in biology and a strong interest in science education at the undergraduate level. The vast majority of courses offered by the Department include a laboratory component which is taught by the same instructor that teaches the lecture. Lecture class size for the major ranges from 6 to 54 and our laboratory sections typically range from 6 to 18. Engagement in original research is a hallmark of a high quality undergraduate education in biology and we strongly encourage students to pursue independent research under our guidance or by participation in a summer research internship which we actively assist students in obtaining.

We currently offer both a B.S. and a B.A. in Biology. Our expectations for our students are high. They need to realize Biology is a rigorous major that requires not only knowledge of biology but a strong foundation in chemistry, mathematics, and writing. If they are willing to listen to our advice and put in the time and hard work, they will succeed.

Some high points of the Biology Program at HPU:

  • A motivated and engaged biology faculty
  • Lecture and laboratory taught by the same instructor
  • Declaration of major during the freshman year enables students and their advisor to assess strengths and weaknesses in terms of course schedules, course selection and career objectives
  • A four semester core curriculum that provides students with a solid foundation in all areas of basic biology and allows them to make informed decisions with regard to areas of more specialized study.
  • Opportunity to pursue independent original research


Mission statement:

Within the context of the liberal arts environment, High Point University’s Biology Department provides students with curricular options that range from the generalized to the specialized, and that prepare them for a wide variety of post-baccalaureate goals (e.g., careers in field ecology or biomedical research; advanced studies in the life sciences; professional programs in the health sciences, such as medical school).  Within our curricula, special emphasis is placed on science as a process, supported by a conceptual understanding of basic biological principles. To this end, hands-on, experiential learning opportunities are abundant, both within classrooms and teaching laboratories and through original research. As a result, our curricula foster within students not only the knowledge base, but also the critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills that prepare them for success in their future careers and for leadership roles within society.


Biology’s Student Learning Outcomes:

High Point University’s Biology Department strives to provide students with state-of-the-art, rigorous, laboratory-intensive training in their discipline that enables them to:

  1. understand core concepts in the fields of molecular, cell, organismal, population and evolutionary biology, and to apply those concepts in novel contexts to problem-solve;
  2. communicate biological concepts and data effectively, both orally and in written form, to the scientific and lay communities;
  3. apply scientific methods and ways of thinking, including hypothesis formation, the design and execution of well-controlled experiments, and the analysis and interpretation of experimental results;
  4. demonstrate knowledge and perform state-of-the-art laboratory and/or field techniques commonly used in the field of biology;
  5. demonstrate an understanding of the ethical and social dimensions of science, as well as the limitations and assumptions of science as practiced in the US and globally; and
  6. demonstrate the understanding and skills necessary to work in a diverse world.


Biology Program’s Commitment to Students:

High Point University’s Biology Department is committed to providing students with:

  1. foundation courses that utilize best practices in teaching to deliver concepts and theories at the forefront of our field, and to foster scientific thinking;
  2. upper level elective courses in three areas (Organismal and Evolutionary Biology; Cell/Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; and Health Science) to meet the diverse interests and career goals of our students;
  3. comprehensive academic and career advising;
  4. and an inclusive academic community that values and models intellectual inquiry, diversity of thought and high standards of professionalism.