Students Present as Scholars at Third Annual Research Symposium

Apr 28th, 2015

Students Present as Scholars at Third Annual Research Symposium

HIGH POINT, N.C., April 28, 2015 – Knee injury prevention. Norwegian prisons. Poetry as a healing mechanism. Kinesthetic learning techniques. A bee apiary. Hippotherapy. Lemurs using tablets. These projects and dozens more were recently showcased at the third annual High Point University Research and Creative Works Symposium (High-PURCS).

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works at HPU continued a tradition this year that showcases the diverse knowledge of HPU students. The third High-PURCS was held at the end of the academic year, bringing more than 130 students together to present research projects to fellow students, faculty and staff in Phillips Hall and the Slane Student Center. They presented their research as scholars in oral, poster and theatre presentations, and even interior design displays and art exhibitions.

“High-PURCS is an opportunity for students to showcase their work here on campus so HPU students, faculty and staff can witness our students’ professional development and gain a glimpse of tomorrow’s future leaders, artists, scientists, teachers and scholars,” says Dr. Joanne Altman, director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works. “Our students’ achievements are a reflection of HPU’s holistic learning approach and the dedication of its caring faculty.”

“My first research presentation was last weekend at Big-SURS at Campbell,” says senior Alex Mills, student presenter. “I’m excited to present again with my peers. This helps people think about TV, my research area, from a different perspective.”

“Participating in High-PURCS gives me an opportunity to present research I’ve worked on outside of the classroom,” says junior Mayeesa Mitchell, HPU student presenter. “My topic challenged me to not just be a consumer of media, but to be an analyst of media as well.”

“People frequently don’t see or appreciate the academic side of art, photography and music,” says senior Callie Klinkmueller, who earned an HPU Year of the Arts grant for her multimedia research proposal. “This is a great way to showcase and validate our work in an academic presentation.”

Additionally, two research awards were presented during the symposium. Macaulley Quirk won the best digital oral/media presentation for her “One Vision: A Guide Dog Documentary” project, and Calla Telzrow won the best poster presentation with “Arthropod Communities in Various Successional Forest Habitats.”

Oral presentations included:

  • Victoria Frankling – “Irish Dance Painting Interpretations”
  • Mackenzie Fisher and Callie Klinkmueller – “Our North Carolina”
  • Hans Lang and Alicia Hines – “Psychological Connection with Clothing Decisions”
  • Tierney Loughran – “Bracing and Determining Rigidity in Grids and Shapes”
  • Benjamin May – “Matroids 4 Macaulay2”
  • Andrea Perreault – “Dopamine in a Neuron”
  • Andrea Baellow, Emma Zuk, Michelle Boling, Lindsay DiStefano, Kate Pfile and Yum Nguyen – “Influence of Hip Strength and Range of Motion on Landing Kinematics across Maturation Groups in Youth Athletes”
  • Katherine Van Wert, Andrea Baellow, Michelle Boling and Yum Nguyen – “Influence of Static Lower Extremity Alignment on Lower Extremity Kinematics across Functional Tasks”
  • Emma Zuk, Andrea Baellow, Michelle Boling, Lindsey DiStefano, Kate Pfile and Yum Nguyen – “Longitudinal Changes in Lower Extremity Strength and Range of Motion in Female Youth Soccer Players”
  • Karaina Callahan – “Adaptation in Theory and Practice: ‘Gone Girl’ as Plural Text”
  • Christina Burchette – “Joe Christmas and Racial Hierarchy in Faulkner’s ‘Light in August’”
  • Tayla Curran – “Frank the Fish: A Case Study of Interactive, Interdisciplinary Group Poetry Workshops in an Assisted Living Facility”
  • Sally Gray – “Learning in Motion: The Importance of Kinesthetic Learning and Its Use in British Primary Schools v. American Elementary Schools”
  • Emily Harris and Shirley Disseler – “Elementary School Teachers’ Perceptions towards Teaching Science”
  • Justin Cummings – “Dr. Samuel Burford: An Exploration into Faculty-Student Relationships at William Penn High School
  • Rosemary Dunning – “El Gris Entre el Blanco y el Negro”
  • Kylie Foster – “The Political Influence of Women during the Trujillo Dictatorship”
  • Gallagher Foxworthy – “La Revolución De Las Mariposas”
  • Jessica Pikowski – “Not Just a Mindless Activity: Reality Television, Perceived Realism of Television and Verbal and Relational Aggressive Behavior of Viewers”
  • Britton Nagy – “Bastøy Prison: Creating Good Neighbors in Norway”
  • Mary Elizabeth Pruitt and Taylor Carlton Daniel – “Apiary Microcosm: Bees through the Lens of Art”
  • Danielle Lauterborn and Crosby Sensibaugh – “Nowhere Man”
  • Catherine Bakewell and Anna Simeonides – “The Art of Chocolate”
  • Reza Moghtaderi Esfahani and Thomas Douglas – “Internet-independent iOS Platform for Classroom Use”
  • Nick Zayatz and David Naylor – “Voting Anomaly Analysis, a Deeper Look”
  • Jacob Brooks – “Understanding Biological Cilia Motion through Modeling & Construction of a Biomimetic Cilia System”
  • Paige Ward and Jeffrey Taylor – “Sex-Differences in the Relative Distribution of Lower Extremity Sagittal Plane Moments during Landing”
  • Celia Glenn and Meghan Brown – “Collection of Poetic Dialogue”
  • Becky Irons – “Religion and Sexuality in John Donne’s Poetry”
  • Amy J. King – “The Melanchology Muse”
  • Lindsey Anuzis – “The Effect of Hippotherapy on Self-Esteem in Girls Who Have Been Bullied”
  • Amanda Szymanski and Kimberly Wear – “The Effects of Doodling, Topic Interest, and Working Memory on Mind Wandering and Reading Comprehension”
  • Bryce Howe – “Las Voces Inocentes que el Gobierno de El Salvador no Oyó”
  • Taylor McAuliffe – “The Blissful Fantasy of Good Defeating Evil in Pan’s Labyrinth”
  • Jessica Peña – “La Vuelta a la Patria que Nunca Fue: Intergenerational Longing in ‘Dreaming in Cuban’”
  • Alex Mills – “Lost in Transparency: An Analysis of the Portrayal of Dominant Cultural Ideologies on ABC’s Hit Program”
  • Mayeesa Mitchell – “More Than Just A Black Cast: Revealing White Supremacy, Classism and Hypermasculinity in Tyler Perry’s ‘The Family That Preys’”
  • Michelle North – “Child Development before the Spanish Civil War”
  • Sarah Taylor – “The Hatred towards Women Following the Spanish Civil War”
  • Alicia Miller – “Salvador Dalí: El Artista que Documentó la Mentalidad de los Españoles Durante la Guerra Civil Española”


Theatre and dance performances included:

  • Summer Kiesel and Caleb Redslob – “Selections from the American College Theatre Festival Competition”
  • Rachel Abel, Ashton Kirby, Danielle Criss, Zoey Chittick, Madison Bryan and Peyton Senning – “Damages”
  • Danielle Criss and Zoey Chittick – “You Are Me, and We Are You”
  • Amanda Rossi – “Finding Me”
  • Madison Bryan and Ashton Kirby – “Transforming Self”
  • Peyton Senning, Jordan Perkins, Madison Bryan, Sandra Ball, Amy Sladek, Savannah Benedict, Patricia Regius and Madeleine Casadonte – “Into the Light”


Art exhibitions included:

  • Tayla Curran – “Poetry: Art, Medicine or Service?
  • Leah Hoeferkamp – “Design Evolution”
  • Macaulley Quirk – “One Vision: A Guide Dog Documentary”
  • Miranda Armiger and Mara Wedekind – “Rooted in Society”
  • David Friedman, Tyler Lee, Zach Zanft, Hogan Dyer and Zach Hepp – “The Limitless Fold”
  • Emmaline Doherty and Lydia Monteiro – “Friends through the Lens: Photography and Personal Identity”
  • Karaina Callahan – “A Collaborative Performance”
  • Ashton Hughes – “Pottery Pursuit”
  • Lilyana Diaz and Danielle Prince – “A Thousand Cranes for Change”
  • Mackenzie Allred – “Modern Technology Meets Letterpress”
  • Alicia Miller – “Studio Potter Entrepreneur”
  • Nelson Ngo – “Paper City”


Poster presentations included:

  • Brea Hampton and Dr. Heather Miller – “Analyzing the HIV-1 Genome for Putative Tat-SF1 Binding Sites”
  • Aaron Smith, Michaela Rikard and Melissa Srougi – “Loss of ATM Activates Rac1 and Alters Cell Migration”
  • Julia Zautcke – “Tat-SF1’s Role in Insulin Signaling”
  • Andrew Bosio, M. Todd Knippenberg and Christopher Fowler – “The Thermodynamic Properties of Recyclable Materials”
  • Matthew Sayger and M. Todd Knippenberg – “Heating Rate Comparison of Polymers”
  • Laura Dion and R. Scott Ingram – “The Federal Prosecution of Eleanor McDonald in 1791”
  • Kiera Johnston – “Collaboration at Wood Farm Primary School”
  • Lindsay Owen – “Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Comparison between the United States and United Kingdom”
  • Lauren Folsom and Katherine Mastropiero – “Understanding Dyslexia in Higher Education; A Comparative Study”
  • Robert Rivera, Paul Freda, Perry Morris, Linda Hinkle and Martha Bell – “Teaching Basketball Free Throws: Wii vs. Traditional Method”
  • Laura Dailey – “The Redford Rocker” Chair Design
  • Noah Coates, Sarah Berkwitz and Danny Calleo – “Narrative Medicine in Action”
  • Allison Arpante, Andrea Baellow, Kaitlyn Wright, Kevin Ford, Yum Nguyen and Jeffrey Taylor – “Effects of Cutting Direction on In-Cleat Toe Dorsiflexion during Unanticipated Backpedal Cutting in Football Players”
  • Kaitlyn Wright, Allison Arpante, Andrea Baellow, Yum Nguyen, Jeffrey Taylor and Kevin Ford – “Effects of Toe Flexor Strength on Forefoot Loading during Unanticipated Side-Step Cutting in Football Players”
  • Lauren Terry – “Does Intrinsic Foot Strength Affect Plantar Forces On The Hallux During A Basketball-Specific Task?”
  • Colleen Mulrey, Kevin R. Ford, Yum Nguyen, Eric Hegedus and Jeffrey Taylor – “The Relationship between Hip Extensor Strength, Jump Height and External Hip Flexion Moments during Jumping”
  • Jeffrey Berwager, Kevin Ford, Yum Nguyen, Eric Hegedus and Jeffrey Taylor – “A One-step Countermovement Jump Elicits Asymmetrical Distribution of Lower Extremity Joint Moments in Female Athletes”
  • Jamie Schnuck and Kyle Sunderland – “Effect of Caffeine on Postural Stability”
  • Kathryn Farina, Allie Zambito and James Smoliga – “Influence of Unweighting on Muscle Oxygenation and VO2 during Running on a Lower-Body Positive-Pressure Treadmill”
  • Allie Zambito, Kathryn Farina and James Smoliga – “Relationship between Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Parameters and Physiologic Intensity during Incremental Speed Treadmill Running”
  • Christina Giusto, James Smoliga and Ole Vang – “Clinical Utility of Resveratrol – For Who and How Much?”
  • Rachel Thiets and James Smoliga – “Repeatability of Intrabreath Measurements of Lung Diffusion Capacity and Cardiac Output during Various Cycling Intensities”
  • Ashley Quinn Hagen – “William Penn: A Day in the Life”
  • Hallie Stidham, Simeon Simeonides, Junjie Lao and Aaron Titus – “Physics in Non-Inertial Reference Frames”
  • Stephanie Pettit – “Multi-component Chalcogenide Gradient Index Materials Research”
  • Amiras Simeonides, Jarrett Lancaster and Joseph Starobin, Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering – “Fabrication of a Nanofilm Capacitor for use in a Portable EKG”
  • Eugene Filik and Brad Barlow – “A Pulsar with a Long Orbit- The 12th Double Neutron Star System”
  • Jerod Oakes – “Interfacec Adaption for Lemur Analysis”
  • Katelyn Long and Joanne Altman – “A Demonstration of Learning in a Lemur”
  • Lindsey Anuzis, Julianna Adams, Nicole Bayeur and Kaila Tuccio – “Academic Entitlement, Motivation for Learning and Persistence on Tasks among College Students”
  • Craig Schneid and Sadie Leder Elder – “Examining Governing Dynamic of Romantic Interest”
  • Christina Baity and Christopher Lootens – “Follow the Rules! Entitlement Predicts Anger about Perceived Social Norm Violations”
  • Rachel Gilroy – “Effect of Weight Perception When Determining Guilt for a Crime”
  • Alexandra Mauch – “United States Institute for Theatre Technology- Tech Olympics”
  • Madelyn Bagwell, Kendall Fallon and Cynthia Vigueira – “What Breed Am I? A Teaching Lab in Dog Genetics”
  • Rodrigo Catalan-Hurtado – “The Detection of the Transcription Regulator GerE in Geobacillus stearothermophilus”
  • Christopher Wagner and Gina Botsko – “Comparative Genetics of Parallel Dedomestication Events in Weedy Red Rice (Oryza sativa)”
  • Alex DeSimone, Nicole Wright and Patrick Vigueira – “A Screen for Anti-crithidial Compounds from Bacteria in Environmental Sample”
  • Matthew Gill, Alexander Hicks, Paul MacCarty and Joshua Campbell – “Pollinating and Beneficial Insect Communities, and Potential Biofuel Crops”
  • Gabrielle Hayes and Charles Graham – “The Impacts of Cellulosic Biomass Production on Bee Body Size and Allometric Shape Variation”
  • Tyler Wilson, Norbeth Dzotefe, Richard Gregory, Josiah Howard and Patrick Vigueira – “Screening Anti-trypanosomal Compounds Against Crithidia Parasites”
  • Sean Ireland, Harold Coley and Nicole Hughes – “Xanthophyll De-epoxidation and Shade Acclimation in Leaf Tissues with Abaxial Versus Adaxial Anthocyanin”
  • Calla Telzrow and Joshua Campbell – “Arthropod Communities in Various Successional Forest Habitats”
  • Loren Safille, Tayla Curran, Angela Bauer and Vernon Coffield – “The Effects of 17 β-estradiol on Bone Ossification in Danio rerio”
  • Tayla Curran, Loren Safille and Cailyn Scanlan – “The Impact of 17β-Estradiol on Bone Development in Danio rerio”