Senior Gains Web Development Experience at Red Hat Internship

Oct 18th, 2016

Senior Gains Web Development Experience at Red Hat Internship

HIGH POINT, N.C., Oct. 18, 2016 – High Point University senior Ryan Long got a taste of his dream career during a web development and design internship at Red Hat in Raleigh.

Long, an interactive media and game design major and computer science minor from Fort Mill, South Carolina, gained valuable experience with the IT marketing team. He worked with the company’s website, fixing broken links, inserting translations and doing quality assurance. He also provided graphic design assistance and collaborated with the video team for projects that would be incorporated into the website.

“I immediately started working on projects and tasks that were both live on the website and things that would be live once I finished them,” he says. “The stereotypical intern work wasn’t something I experienced at Red Hat.”

One of his vital contributions included working on an internal agency site for the user experience team and presenting his work to the company.

Long says he felt well prepared for this work thanks to the support of computer science professor Roger Shore and interactive media and game design professor Brian Heagney. Both professors helped him develop the basic computer science and design skills necessary to be successful. This preparation, along with the support he received from the company, helped him feel right at home in his internship.

“Once I walked through the door, they looked at me like a coworker and friend,” says Long. “I found my place in the company, and any time I had a question, all of my coworkers jumped in to help me figure out the problem.”