Top 6 Ways the HPU Family Embraces Generosity and Gratitude

“To whom much is given, much will be required.”

Luke 12:48

These words are written on the wall as you enter HPU’s Hayworth Fine Arts. They’re a constant reminder to the HPU family to always be grateful, and in turn, express that gratefulness through acts of kindness.

High Point University students are taught that life is equal parts success and significance. They are surrounded by a network of caring individuals on campus who model the values of generosity and gratitude. The result is an HPU campus family dedicated to demonstrating their generosity by giving back and expressing gratitude through unique traditions that show appreciation and thanks.


Servant Leadership

Members of the HPU family demonstrate their generosity through the giving of their time and talents. A long list of annual community impact projects with more than 60 local agencies amount to 110,000 hours of service annually from the HPU family. To name only a few events, this total number includes 1,500 hours dedicated each year on HPU’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, where students, faculty and staff complete 35 service projects throughout the city, and HPU’s Annual Community Christmas Celebration, powered by HPU volunteer efforts. This event has welcomed 125,000 people to campus since 2011 for a complimentary, magical Christmas experience focused on family and fellowship.  



Fundraising and Gifting

Whether it’s local or national, the HPU family is committed to philanthropic giving. The number of student groups on campus who commit to fundraising for nonprofits is limitless. Annually, the HPU family supports the United Way of Greater High Point, and to date, the university has raised more than $2.4 million for local agencies. Students, faculty and staff have also taken part in bike builds sponsored financially by the university. These builds have provided 250 bicycles to local children.



The Teddy Bear

Each freshman is enrolled in the President’s Seminar on Life Skills, during which HPU President Nido Qubein emphasizes many of the core values HPU instills in its students. As the end of their first semester approaches, Qubein provides and impactful lesson about gratitude with a teddy bear.

Each freshman receives a teddy bear, which the university purchases from the American Red Cross. Qubein encourages them give it to a person who has changed their life for the better.

The lesson reminds students to pause and evaluate those who have had a lasting positive influence on their life. Then, having reflected, they give the bear to zsomeone and express their thanks.




The Gratitude Project

Each year, students demonstrate their gratitude during the Gratitude Project – an opportunity to document one’s blessings as the holiday approach. With blank posters in hand, students write their blessings as a way to reflect on what they are thankful for during the Thanksgiving season.



The Convocation Blanket

Students are instilled with the importance of gratitude from their first moments on HPU’s campus. Convocation is the concluding event of Move-in Weekend for all HPU freshmen. It kicks off the academic year and the start of HPU traditions all freshmen will experience, including the HPU blanket.

Each student receives a blanket at the end of the ceremony, which President Qubein encourages them to give to someone who has made an impact on their life. Whether they present it to a parent, a teacher or a friend, the act reminds students of the importance to express gratitude as they embark on a new journey.


A Vehicle for Giving

The HPU Ice Cream Truck is a well-known staple at community events. HPU students drive the truck to numerous celebrations throughout the year, where community volunteers and children are rewarded with a sweet treat. As ice cream truck drivers, HPU students have the opportunity to express their gratitude to different organizations and in turn, serve the community in a positive way.



To learn more about the many ways HPU gives back, click here!

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