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If you decide that graduate school is necessary to further your career path, use our Graduate School Timeline to help you complete steps in the application process. Remember to start preparing for graduate school early in your undergraduate career. At a minimum, you should begin gathering materials for your application one year before you plan to attend graduate school.

When completing the application process, schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor to create a timeline, review your resume/C.V., and edit your personal statement.

Depending on the program, graduate schools require specific entrance exams. The following are the most common required exams:


You can prepare by buying test preparation books and/or flashcards, signing up for a classroom course, and/or completing one-on-one tutoring. Kaplan and Princeton Review are test preparation resources that can assist you in any of these ways. In addition, the company that publishes each test creates preparation materials.

The University has access to Learning Express, a college and graduate entrance test study platform. This resource includes access to hundreds of timed practice tests that students can use to prep for entrance exams. The user also has access to practice guides which discuss methods to succeed when taking these tests. Students are encouraged to make an account while on campus so that they can use the timed tests and track their progress.

HPU Libraries’ book collection also includes access to materials on test taking prep. Use the catalog link to search for the name of the test.

Regardless of which resource you use to prepare, it is advisable to take several practice tests to simulate test day.

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