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Principles of Professional Conduct

The services and programs of High Point University’s Career and Professional Development have been developed in accordance with the Principles for Professional Conduct established by the National Associate of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Employers using services and/or facilities of Career and Professional Development for the purpose of engaging with High Point University students in various functions and programs which include but are not limited to campus interviewing, employment listings, candidate referral, career fairs, and/or information group meetings are expected to follow these guidelines. All employers must abide by the Equal Opportunity Employment and Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. Employers are also expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times when engaging with students, which includes asking only appropriate and legal questions. High Point University reserves the right to refuse or revoke all privileges afforded to any employer.


Guidelines for Posting on Purple Briefcase

Third Party Recruiters Will…

  1. Disclose the name of the hiring company to be vetted by Career and Professional Development staff
  2. Disclose the name of the hiring company to HPU students and alumni
  3. Charge no fees to HPU students or alumni

Career and Professional Development will not post any opportunities that would put the student into private homes or offices. These instances include in-home childcare opportunities.

Career and Professional Development will not post positions for any organizations with virtual addresses. 

If posting an unpaid internship, the company/organization is responsible to follow the Federal Government Fact Sheet #71

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