Athlete’s Conduct

All members of a club sport will sign a conduct agreement at the beginning of their season agreeing to the conditions listed below. This form must be filled out and signed and turned into the Club Sports office PRIOR to participation in any club activities.

Club sport members are expected to act in a mature and responsible manner on and off campus in all club sport related activities. Each club member represents High Point University and is expected to be a credit to the High Point University Club Sports program and to follow all rules and regulations of High Point University.

If a member of a club sport or the team itself is found to have been in violation of University policies and Club Sport Policies, the Club Sports Administration will determine the disciplinary action. If necessary, the Club Sports Administration may refer the case to the Office of Student Life.


Expectations of Club Sports Code of Conduct include the following:

High Point University Code of Conduct: Athletes shall be in accordance with the High Point University Code of Conduct at all times.

Responsibility: Behaving in a manner, which at all times accounts for the best interest of the individuals on the team, the reputation of the team involved, and the reputation of High Point University.

Honesty: Communicating in a manner that explicitly conveys all activities pertaining to the club in a truthful manner at all times.

Sportsmanship: Treating all participants in Club Sports activities with a high measure of esteem and respect, as well as strict adherence to the league regulations applicable to the sport.

Alcohol and Drugs: Abstaining from consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs at all times during competition and travel associated with the team.

Hazing: Refraining from any activities that can be viewed as humiliating, abusive, or degrading to team members.