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B.A. to M.A. Program Application

The BA to MA program in Strategic Communication is a selective and demanding option that allows students pursuing an undergraduate degree at High Point University to complete an undergraduate degree in any major and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication within a five-year time frame. Students can complete an undergraduate major, apply for admission into the MA program in their junior year, begin taking graduate-level courses in their senior year, and complete their MA in their 5th year.

The MA degree program at the Nido R. Qubein School of Communication is 35-credit sequence of 11 courses and one credit for professional experience, normally taking two years to complete. For students in the BA to MA program, three of the MA level courses (9 credits) taken during a student’s senior year of the BA can be counted toward the requirements of both the BA and the MA degrees. The remaining 26 credits are taken in the year following the completion of the BA degree.

Students interested in the BA to MA program should meet with Dr. Virginia McDermott (, director of the Master’s Degree program in strategic communication, by the beginning of their junior year. Students must apply to and be formally admitted to the program, which will normally take place in the spring of their junior year. Students apply directly to Dr. McDermott.

Here are the materials required for the application:

1. APPLICATION: Complete this application and send to Virginia McDermott or take it to her office at NQSC 363. Applications are only accepted from students entering their final year of undergraduate study.

2. TRANSCRIPTS: Provide one unofficial High Point University transcript with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

3. TWO LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: Download this Recommendation Form and ask two HPU professors to complete the form and write a letter of recommendation. The completed and signed forms and letters can be sent directly to Dr. McDermott by the recommender or provided to the applicant in a sealed envelope with the signature of the recommender placed across the seal. In the latter case, the applicant provide the sealed letters of recommendation to Dr. Virginia McDermott.

4. PERSONAL STATEMENT: In an approximately 500-750 word essay, please respond to these two questions: (a) What has been your biggest academic challenge and how have you managed it? (b) How will you manage your time and undergraduate commitments to ensure your success in the BA to MA program?

5. A RESUME. Provide a professional resume that includes all your work experiences, internships, volunteer activities, and university activities.

5. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: The deadline for all materials to be submitted, including recommendations, is March 15.
If you have any questions about the application process please email Dr. Virginia McDermott at We look forward to receiving your Application for Admission.


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