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Criminal Justice

B.A. Criminal Justice

This exciting program is for students seeking a pre-law major or a career in one of the many fields related to justice such as special agents/federal investigations, emergency and social services, courts, policing, homeland security, counterterrorism, juvenile counseling, adult probation/parole, and corporate security management. Courses in the program focus upon social problems such as crime, violence, drugs, gangs, terrorism, sexual assault, prisons and juvenile delinquency. The intriguing curriculum explores human behavior, social policies, forensics, counseling, trials, rehabilitation, research and management.

High Point Washington

High Point University has a unique affiliation with The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars (TWC) in Washington, D.C. and has established the High Point Washington (HPW) program. The program enables HPU students to spend an exciting semester living, working and studying in the nation’s capital, while earning HPU academic credit. Students are immersed in a full-time internship relevant to their field of study, complete an academic course, design and conduct a civic engagement project and participate in a leadership forum. This program gives HPU students an unparalleled opportunity that is unavailable elsewhere.

Why criminal justice is a top major

  • A multitude of jobs await our graduates. Thousands of different types of investigative, policing, counseling, corporate, legal-related, and correctional jobs attract students to major in criminal justice.
  • The program takes students on a scholarly adventure to explore subjects such as the explanation of human behavior, the nature of crime, juvenile delinquency, social deviance, the behavioral and psychology profiling of violent criminals, crime scene investigation, drug abuse, law, trials and the courtroom process, punishment, the treatment and rehabilitation of criminals, terrorism, the protection of society and homeland security
  • Students are given exclusive access to the Guilford County Court System, with opportunities to attend both felony and misdemeanor trials and observe and analyze cases
  • All criminal justice courses combine lively classroom instruction with experiential instruction on the practical, hands-on aspect of the justice field, via simulations, role playing, mock scenes and other field related exercises
  • The Citizen Police Academy Course, a cooperative venture with the High Point Police Department, is an experiential course that gives students a taste of what it is like for a police recruit to go through a police academy
  • Collaborative research, opportunities for students to learn the mechanics of doing justice research under the direction of a criminal justice faculty member
  • On the HPU Intercollegiate Mock Trial Competition Team, students are put in a court environment to role play realistic cases and trials under faculty direction

What can I do with this major?

A degree in criminal justice is useful for a wide range of careers, including:

  • Advancement to law school or graduate school to study criminal justice, sociology, political science or social work
  • Airport Security Management (TSA)
  • Corporate Asset Protection Management
  • Crime Records/Data Management
  • Criminal Justice Professor
  • Diplomatic Security/Executive Protection Specialist
  • Federal Investigator (FBI, U.S. Marshals Service, DEA, Customs, INS, ATF, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Department of Homeland Security)
  • Governmental Regulatory Agency (EPA, FDA)
  • Insurance Claims Adjustor/Investigator
  • Social Work (Child Abuse/Protective Services Agent)
  • State Bureau of Investigation (SBI, SHP, DMV)
  • Treatment Counselor
  • U.S. Postal Inspector
  • Wildlife/Game Officer; Park/Forest Ranger

Learn about the Criminal Justice Learning Lab

The Criminal Justice Learning Lab, affectionately called the Crime House by HPU students, is an actual building owned by HPU and purchased specifically for use by students in our CJ courses such as the Police Operations course, Crime Scene Investigation course, and other justice related courses. The Crime House is utilized to create mock crime scenarios, such as a homicide scene for students to process as detectives, warrant-serving mock “busts” and “raids,” building searches for hidden and armed suspects, instruction on arrest procedures, such as officer safety, handcuffing and more. This learning lab serves as an opportunity for students to: analyze physical evidence from a crime scene, such as fingerprints, footwear impression evidence, dust prints and blood splatter; learn investigational skills; interview witnesses, victims and suspects; learn basic law enforcement skills, such as executing raids, how to approach dangerous offenders, how to respond to an emergency police call; and police use of force. Our new Lab (forthcoming) will have a “Courtroom” (modeled after a traditional courtroom), for use in teaching students about aspects of criminal trials, legal issues, and to have students play parts in mock trials.

Criminal Justice at HPU

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