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Criminal Justice

B.A. Criminal Justice

Program Overview

Criminal justice is one of the fastest growing majors within colleges across the nation, and currently, it is one of the most popular majors at High Point University. The criminal justice program takes students on a scholarly adventure during which they explore subjects such as the explanation of human behavior, the nature of crime, juvenile delinquency, social deviance, the behavioral and psychological profiling of violent criminals, crime scene investigation, drug abuse, law, trials and the courtroom process, punishment, the treatment and rehabilitation of criminals, terrorism, the protection of society and homeland security. Dozens of different types of professions await graduates.

A Focused Curriculum

The criminal justice major at High Point University will prepare students for a variety of scenarios and fields. Classes that go beyond the norm help add excitement and hands-on learning to the classroom experience. For example, CRJ 3500: Crime Investigation allows the student to apply classroom acquired investigational skills to a variety of real-world crime scenes at our “Crime House” (a real house operated by the CRJ department where students lift fingerprints, analyze blood spatter/victim wounds and deal with a variety of other evidence to solve the mystery). CRJ 3200: Courts and Trials takes students to actual criminal trials at the courthouse and allows students to conduct realistic mock trials in class. CRJ 4000: Terrorism Counter – Terrorism explores the variety of sinister terror groups in our world as well as counter-terror technologies.

We combine classic, but lively and engaging classroom lectures, with a multitude of stimulating, experiential, hands-on activities in which students apply textbook principles to real world situations and scenarios frequently faced by justice professionals (police, detectives, prosecutors, judges, defense attorneys, etc.). Click here to read more about some of the exciting experiential hands-on learning opportunities we provide for students.


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