Dear HPU Family,

I bring you greetings from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. I just want to express how excited I am to lead this important and challenging opportunity for our campus community. My journey here at High Point University has been rewarding in a myriad of ways. Throughout my tenure at High Point University, I have appreciated the opportunity to witness, encourage, and enable transformation in the lives of our HPU students. It is a blessing. And I look forward to continuing HPU’s work in transforming lives.

During the summer of 2020, our nation and our world, witnessed the tragic death of George Floyd. This was a disheartening event that struck the hearts of millions worldwide. Emotions ranged from hurt and anger, to fear and confusion. As a married father with three children, I too was troubled by all that took place which left me to wonder, how much more can we bear in this world?

Dr. Nido Qubein released a statement to the HPU community about how he felt concerning the death of George Floyd and its impact on the black community and beyond. I took it upon myself to respond to Dr. Qubein sharing that I felt the same sentiments around this tragedy and welcomed an opportunity to speak to better understand his perspective on all that had transpired. He graciously and instantly arranged a meeting. Our conversations were open and heartfelt. He shared that while he’s grateful for the efforts he’s led or joined in support of the black community, he wanted to do more.

This college president, that so quickly invited me to the table of thoughtful discourse, expressed his desire for High Point University to more effectively lift up and celebrate diversity and inclusion at this institution we all love. Following those conversations, Dr. Qubein invited me to serve as Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion. I am honored and grateful to serve this important role and to help lead the university in this imperative work.

Empowered by your advocacy and support, HPU continues to thrive. We are enthusiastic about with partnering with you to position High Point University to be a flourishing institution. We are blessed to travel on this journey to help build upon diversity and inclusion efforts with you. Thank you for your prayers, feedback and continual support.

Kindest regards,

Doug Hall High Point University Headshot

Dr. Doug Hall

Former Assistant Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion

Vice President of Career & Professional Development