May 22nd, 2019

The Archives of DCPS, Charles Summer School Museum and Archives



















Hello once again, ED Family, Richard here! Today is day eight, and we have done so much in very little time. In this blog post, I am going to be briefing you on our visit to the Charles Summer School Museum and Archives. Let me first say that when walking up to the building, you might have missed it because it was tucked away. Once entering, we were met with our lovely contact, Ms. Springle.

Ms. Springle greeting all of us and talking about the Bill Webb exhibit

We started out exploring in the gallery on the main level, which included many different photographs that captured various aspects of schools that have closed, been rebuilt, or relocated. The room was called the Bill Webb room. As we walked around, Ms. Springle was giving us some history of why the Charles Summer School Museum was created. We learned that The Charles Summer School of Museum was established to preserve school information once D.C. schools closed their doors, which has become increasingly common over the past decade.

From the main level, we went to the fourth floor where we were lead into a room where we sat down and listened to Ms. Springle explain to us more information about the history of the Museum and D.C. schools. I believe I can speak for all of us; it was a lot of information but very interesting to hear.

Exploring one wing of the Charles Summer School Museum of Archives

We were then released to explore the rest of the three floors. Each of the floors had two rooms, one on each side that housed school memorabilia of Washington, D.C. schools. On display were trophies, photos, graduation certificates, textiles, and even student-produced handicrafts all from D.C. public schools. One of the rooms had artifacts from Dunbar High School, which we had visited earlier this week.  Besides the exhibit rooms, there is also a research library. We were not able to go in it because a researcher was doing work at the time of our visit.

As we ended our tour, we got to go into a room which was set up like a mini Auditorium. Within this room, we talked for a few minutes, and our very own Brianna gave us a little show. (See Photo) Overall, the visit to the Charles Summer School Museum of Archives was definitely enriching.

Our Lovely Brianna is giving us a little laugh!
Washington High School uniform Visor, Cap, Belt, with Buckle. Donated by Mr. John McAdams, Class of 1937