May 22nd, 2019

Visit to The SEED School

STEAM mural inside The SEED School

Hello friends! It’s Stephanie here to tell you about our activity on the afternoon of May 22nd. We visited The SEED School, a public coed charter boarding school in the District of Columbia Public Schools.

The SEED School of DC was founded in 1998. The SEED School opened its doors as the first public boarding charter school in the country. The SEED School is unique because it is a public charter school, making education and boarding free. Students check in at the school on Sunday, stay at the school dorms all week, then check out Friday to spend the weekend with their families. While

The female dorm

at school throughout the week, students have activities planned in the afternoons and at bedtime.  The SEED School operates on a lottery system; a computer randomly decides which applicants get to attend The SEED School.


One of the unique qualities of The SEED School is the many opportunities students get. 70% of graduating seniors studied abroad while they were attending The SEED School, an amazing opportunity for high school students. Additionally, students go on many field trips such as to Hershey Park and colleges around the country. The SEED School class of 2015 took a trip to High Point University! Another unique opportunity about The SEED School is their class sizes. Their largest class size is 14. Having a smaller class size allows the teacher to give more individual attention to each child.

The male dorm


The SEED School is a college preparatory school and works to prepare students to enter college. The school offers dual enrollment and advanced placement classes. Students in dual enrollment and advanced placement can get college credit by taking college-level courses while still in high school. The SEED School is committed to seeing students through college; they stay connected to students once they graduate from The SEED School. Faculty members from The SEED School advise former SEED School students throughout each year of their college career. During their first semester of college, the SEED advisor visits The SEED School graduate on their college campus. The advisor checks in to see that the student is adjusting well to college life and is aware of all the resources available to them at their school. The SEED School is supportive of its students throughout their entire learning career.

When asked, a seventh-grader at The SEED School said, “One good thing about The SEED School is we all feel connected to each other.”

The SEED School kindly gave us a ride to the Metro so we didn’t have to walk!
The dining hall