May 23rd, 2019

Our visit to National Geographic

It’s Jessica again and I’m here to tell you about our visit to National Geographic!

As we walked in to National Geographic we were greeted by Meghan Modafferi, the Senior Program Manager of Education. Meghan was a former teacher and now works at National Geographic designing, overseeing, and leading the education initiatives at their Washington D.C. Headquarters. Many of us had heard of National Geographic Education, but had no idea about how many resources they provide to teachers and students. National Geographic Education is all about teaching students about the world and how it works; they do this through providing classroom resources, professional development, and student experiences.

Classroom Resources

  • Resource Library- Head to to see the endless resources organized by grade level, content type, and subject type
  • Mapping- National Geographic is providing single page maps, maps that span multiple desks, and even giant maps than cover a whole classroom as a student resource
  • Explorer Magazine- If you haven’t heard about explorer magazine think Scholastic New Magazine but National Geographic style. Explorer Magazine is a K-6 resource available at cost for teachers and students
Meghan Explaining all the resources they provide.

Professional Development

  • Educator Network- A way for teachers to connect and collaborating using National Geographic resources
  • Education Fellows- Teachers working with National Geographic for a year to help develop programs
  • Educator Grants- Funding projects for teachers (trips, resources, etc.)
  • Educator Certification- This certification course contains 3 key phases that help and support teachers with additional resources and professional development.
    • Phase 1: an online or in person course to develop skills that support National Geographic’s mission.
    • Phase 2: Developing two activities of your own that use the skills from the course.
    • Phase 3: A capstone project showing growth through the use of those resources and the implementation of the professional development.
To learn more about becoming a National geographic teacher click the picture

Student Experiences

  • Explorer Classroom- Students can connect live with National Geographic Explorers to have discussions and ask questions.
  • GeoBee- A national competition in which students 4th grade and up can demonstrate their knowledge of geography.
  • Geochallenge- Students are given a problem that they must create a project to solve the problem given. Winners receive aid to help put their solutions in action.
  • Student Matinees- Students can take field trips to see explorers talk in person.


After Meghan  talked to us about all their amazing programs and loaded us up with free resources, we were able to visit the National Geographic Museum, which is currently displaying Queens of Egypt.

A 3-D room on the Queens.
Queens of Egypt is the exhibit on display until September 15, 2019









Amber reading about the bust on display.
Screens showing students what life was like during the time period