May 24th, 2019

Our Visit to ASCD

Hi everyone, Maleia here again! Today I am going to be writing about our visit with ASCD. ASCD is an “organization that develops programs, products, and services essential to the way educators learn, teach, and lead”. In short, it is the perfect place for a group of future educators to visit in terms of discovering resources to be the best versions of ourselves. However, ASCD is helpful for educators at any stage of their careers. Through the purchase of a membership, teachers are offered resources such as access to content, professional learning, and conferences.

One of the highlights of the meeting is that ASCD wants to promote teacher advocacy and support teachers in becoming better advocates. As Stephanie, a developer of content at ASCD, eloquently stated, “Teachers don’t like to put themselves in the front, but they’ll do anything for their students.” As teachers, it’s important not only to advocate for our students, but for ourselves as professionals. We got first hand experience yesterday speaking with Congressman Ted Budd about funding for Title II and professional development, but now it is up to us and other educators to continue to ‘fight the good fight’, so to speak.

We also were able to provide suggestions to ASCD about what resources we needed and how the organization could help. Our group suggested things like how to effectively implement small groups, best practices for inclusion services, and best practices for helping struggling readers. Our suggestions were heard and noted and we were even able to help each other find resources to support our individual weaknesses.

Finally, we were given different steps on how to get started using ASCD services and resources. First, it was recommended to follow ASCD on Twitter. The page itself has many different articles and promotes discussion among the community of educators. Also, you can tweet using #ASCD to join even more conversation, ask questions of other educators, and continue to participate in the community of educators. For more information and resources, check out ASCD website!