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Welcome to the Cooperating Teachers Resources Link.

The Stout School of Education thanks you for being  our partner in providing the best clinical experience possible for our teacher preparation candidates. Our national accrediting body calls you clinical educators….P-12 school-based individuals who assess, support, and develop a candidate’s knowledge, skills, or professional dispositions at some stage in the clinical experiences. (2016, CAEPNET.org).

In collaboration with your school system, your principal and our higher education clinical educators, you have been identified as key partners in preparing, assessing and supporting our candidates as they complete their Student Teaching experiences in your classrooms. The opportunities you provide our candidates in making a positive impact on your students’ learning  and developing our candidates’ performance and professional development are critical.

To assist you, this site has links to the handbook, the performance-based assessments,  evaluation instruments and surveys, professional development as well as the Internship calendars. The site will also provide resources that would assist you in the role of the cooperating teacher and clinical educator.

Any questions you have during this year long experience, please feel comfortable in contacting the University Supervisor for your intern or me. Again thank you for being part of the team.

You are invited to attend the professional development opportunities designed for you. They are held in the Stout School of Education building. Upcoming dates will be posted on this site as they become available.

Mrs. Debbie Albert, M.Ed.
Coordinator, Student Teaching

General Information

Student Teaching Handbook 2020-2021

Principal Survey of Cooperating Teacher

Observation Instruments

Performance in Field


Formal Observation Forms

LEA-IHE Certification