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Feedback from the Field

April 2013

Hi Dr. Tillery,

I had to write and tell you about the wonderful experience I have had with my student teacher. We have worked together for 3
semesters, and I love her dearly. I have been impressed by the quality of education that the students are receiving at High Point
University and how well prepared they are when they come to the classroom!! It has been a wonderful opportunity for both of us! She
has taught me more technology than I knew, and I, in turn, have added on to her knowledge of classroom teaching and building of her
self-confidence. She will be a remarkable teacher.

Have a wonderful day.

Kathleen L. Gracz
3rd Grade Teacher
Florence Elementary School

April 2013

Dear Dr. Tillery,

I just wanted to share some good news and also thank the incredible teachers at the School of Education.
I graduated summa cum laude in 2009 and took a position with Asheboro City Schools as a 3rd grade teacher at Guy B. Teachey
Elementary. I am completing my 4th year in the classroom, and I was recently chosen by the staff as the Teacher of the Year.
I am so incredibly excited about this honor and I owe so much of it to the high expectations that were set by HPU. I can’t express how
thankful I am to be in this profession and how thankful I am that HPU showed me what great educators do in the classroom.

Blessings to you all!

Denise Nixon
3rd Grade Teacher
Guy B. Teachey Elementary

April 2013

I am emailing you with such incredible kudos for your awesome HPU student teachers at Jamestown Elementary School. I am the PreK teacher assistant with a deep history with JES. My children were students there many years ago so I have a true commitment to
Jamestown Elementary!!!
I want to say that I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie Tucker, Kim Gibson, and Alex Cranston. These young ladies are an
kindness and professionalism to our class the youngest learners in the school. We invited them to be a part of our early education when
they had spare moments between their classes that they were in charge of for student teaching.
I am just amazed at how prepared and mature beyond their years they are!!! WOW how exciting for me to witness the
OUTSTANDING education you have bestowed upon these young ladies and we are looking so forward to being a part of such a
dynamic educational quest!!! Thanks so much for guiding Stephanie, Kim, and Alex on their way to Shine for our Students!!!


Carole Kennedy
Pre-K Teacher Assistant
Jamestown Elementary School

April 2013

To Mary Cullen Bills/2013 HPU Senior,

Your use of technology will be a great asset to you in your next setting. I believe HPU has equipped you to be ahead of the curve as
you enter the field of education. You are fortunate to have such a strong background and training!

Rita C. Haire, Ed.D.
Elementary Principal
High Point Christian Academy

Stout School of Education


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