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23.01.30 aig licensure high point education
Licensure to teach academically gifted students (K-12) is an add-on program requiring four courses (12 credit hours) which addresses the specific needs and characteristics of the gifted, trends and issues in gifted education and strategies for differentiating instruction for accelerated learners.

This licensure program is offered to teachers currently holding a N.C. teaching license.

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23.01.30 secondary education licensure high point university
Secondary Education (9-12)
Discipline majors in secondary education (9-12) are available in biology, comprehensive science, English, mathematics, and social studies. Please refer to department descriptions for specialization requirements. Students should consult with department chairs or the Dean of the Stout School of Education concerning specific requirements for additional licenses.

Students who wish to teach high school subjects are primarily advised in the department of their major, but they will receive guidance from the program coordinator in the School of Education as well.

2022-2023 Secondary English (9-12) Program of Study
2022-2023 Secondary Social Studies (9-12) Program of Study
2022-2023 Secondary Biology/Comprehensive Science (9-12)  Program of Study
2022-2023 Secondary Mathematics (9-12) Program of Study
23.02.01 hooding ceremony stout high point university
Individuals who have been teaching or working in a public or private school setting for a minimum of three years and currently hold a master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university are eligible for the Add-On Licensure in Educational Administration program. Once all required courses are completed and the Educational Administration examination is passed, individuals would be eligible for the add-on license.
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Spanish (K-12)
Students wishing to pursue Spanish Education licensure (K-12) will major in Spanish through the department of Modern Foreign Languages within the College of Arts and Sciences and follow the requirements for that major.  Approximately 43 additional hours of coursework in teacher education will be required which includes the student teaching internship.  Students will be advised primarily by the advisor within Modern Foreign Language Department and will be assigned a second advisor in the School of Education.

Program and Four Year Plan of Study