Free Workshop Series
Workshop I – Removing the Mask:  What Works with Classroom Management
Keynote Speaker:  Dr. James Davis, Associate Professor, School of Education
February 25, 2016

Teacher Mentors 2015-2016

The New Teacher Support Group is an initiative of the School of Education designed to support first and second year teachers as they transition from the university to the teaching profession.  Undergraduate students have strong clinical experiences which correlate to coursework and have extensive preparation in curriculum, classroom management, assessment, pedagogy, and instruction. In addition to comprehensive teacher preparation at the university level, data suggests more teachers stay in the teaching profession when supported by a mentor. The New Teacher Support Group is an additional support and encouragement for our most recent graduates to bridge university experiences with careers.

This initiative is coordinated by Mrs. Debbie Albert, Clinical Assistant Instructor in the School of Education.  The team of mentors is comprised of career teachers and administrators. In addition to the direct contacts through mentor support, a Facebook group has been added to the School of Education Facebook page to allow for interactions between faculty, mentors, and new teachers.


TeacherWorkshop II Flyer