The Reading Horizons Online Workshop provides pre-service teachers with research-based strategies for teaching reading to beginning readers, struggling readers, or English Language Learners.  The workshop should take about 6 hours to complete, but can be paused and saved so users can return to the workshop at their convenience. 

The workshop includes the following components:

  • the 42 Sounds of the Alphabet,
  • the Five Phonetic Skills,  and
  • two Decoding Skills.

Reading Horizons  uses a program that helps teachers understand the specific processes whereby children learn to read. Knowing the processes for learning to read will make future teachers aware of the struggles that some readers will encounter when trying to learn to read, and in turn provide teachers with the tools to assist these readers. Students will need a classroom teacher with the expertise to support the teaching of reading to children having a variety of abilities and needs.

Reading Horizons Online Workshop