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Why STEM? The demand for skilled workers is directly linked to global competitiveness!  Preparing teachers in methodologies of STEM Education offers opportunities for our candidates to be highly marketable in the educational hiring process. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are leading the way in classrooms and districts across America. STEM literacy is a necessary component of a student’s future success and this success begins in the classroom!

HPU STEM Partnerships: At HPU the School of Education partners with both Global and National companies to involve candidates in the latest product development, testing, and STEM initiatives available in elementary and middle grades education. The LEGO program at HPU is based upon an inquiry and discovery constructivist model of teaching and learning. The 21st Century skills of Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Problem Solving are the key components of the program. Pre-service teachers candidates are trained to carry forth lessons from the LEGO Education as they participate in the COME BUILD WITH US  outreach program at HPU!

Opportunities for STEM Growth and Outreach!

The COME BUILD WITH US AT HPU initiative includes many opportunities for students to be involved in STEM education. Some examples include:

COME BUILD WITH US Field trip program for local schools is designed for candidates in the junior year- 5th year to design and implement lessons with public schools children. The program is a free field trip program that offers opportunities for k-6 students to explore and discover science and engineering concepts through LEGO Education, Full Option Science Systems, Probes, Little Bits, Coding, Engineering is Elementary etc…

STEM Summer Camp is an opportunity for 5th year BA to M.Ed. students to create lessons and carry out a practicum experience with students ages 8-12 in a summer setting.  Click here to view the flyer on this event. THE STEM CAMP REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR THE SUMMER OF 2019.

SHOWCASE COMMUNITY EVENTS take place twice a year and offer students freshman through 5th year an opportunity to work with students and parents in the area of STEM. Nearly 800 people attend these twice-yearly events and student carry out activities for children and their parents.

Maker Faire is an event held in Charlotte at Discovery Place. HPU Education 5th year students run a booth that includes robotics, engineering, and discovery building with LEGO each year for over 3000 people.

Scholarships:  2 scholarships have been designated for STEM candidates from LEGO Education North America. These are designated for research in elementary STEM with LEGO, and for a director of the Come Build with Us program.

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