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ResourceURLWhat do future teachers get?
TeachNC Homepage the info and tools a future teacher needs to explore the profession and apply to an EPP.
Talk to a Teacher advice from real teachers to help them decide if teaching is the right profession for them.
Why Teach in North Carolina? those living outside of the state to consider making North Carolina their home.
Application Checklists an interactive checklist to keep track of educator prep program application deadlines and next steps.
Fee Reimbursements to $100 back towards application and testing expenses.
TeachNC Scholarship to receive $1,000 after applying to one of TeachNC partner educator prep programs.
Guides practices for understanding prep program eligibility requirements, applications, testing and finances.
Understand Licensure the information and tools you need to understand licensure in one spot.
Earn Financial Aid All the information and tools you need to earn financial aid in one spot.
Better Work Stories inspired: the Better Work Stories campaign promotes real stories about real teachers making an impact in the classroom.