Environmental Studies Minor

Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies program at High Point University introduces the student to an interdisciplinary experience focusing on local, regional and global environmental challenges. The student will develop an understanding of the relationships between humans and the natural world from the scientific and humanities perspectives. The program strives to give students the opportunity to enhance the development of multiple ways of thinking, problem solving and effective communication skills. Students completing the environmental studies minor will gain an understanding of science-based decision making in regards to environmental issues. Students will be familiar with the scientific basis of major environmental issues and their possible solutions. Further, students will be able to apply the analytical methods and theoretical perspectives of the social sciences to the issues of environmental problems, management, and policies. These environmental problems will be placed in a historical perspective relating them to various traditions of philosophical, ethical, and religious inquiry. Students pursuing this minor will also develop an appreciation for the role of cultural traditions in shaping people’s understanding of humanity’s relation to the natural world.

The Environmental Studies program offers a 20 credit minor in Environmental Studies, and an Individualized Plan of Study Major.

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