Christian O. George

Christian George
Christian O. George
Assistant Professor of Biology
  • BA Geosciences, Franklin & Marshall College
  • MS Geological Sciences, University of Florida
  • PhD Geological Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin

Dr. George is an assistant professor in the Department of Biology at High Point University. His research and teaching focus on the evolutionary history of life on earth. As a paleoecologist, he investigates the effects of environmental change on communities of mammals at various times throughout the past, from the last Ice Age to 60 million years ago. His research utilizes large paleontological databases such as NEOTOMA and the Paleobiology Database (PBDB). He has received National Science Foundation funding to use the PBDB to provide authentic research experiences in undergraduate classes. Dr. George is originally from Stroudsburg, PA and graduated from Franklin & Marshall College, the University of Florida, and received his PhD in Geological Sciences from The University of Texas at Austin.


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