Bradley Lambert

180921 Brad Lambert
Bradley Lambert
Associate Professor of Media Production and Entrepreneurship and Director of MA Program in Strategic Communication
  • BA – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • MAT – Vanderbilt University
  • MFA – American University
  • University Department Communication
  • University Department Media Production and Entrepreneurship
  • Location Nido R. Qubein School of Communication 355
  • Phone Number +1 (336) 841-9332
  • Email

Brad Lambert teaches undergraduate and graduate production courses in motion graphics, podcasting, DSLR photography, and infographics, as well as undergraduate media history courses in documentary and animation. His creative works (a selection of which can be seen at primarily involve animation and motion graphics, with a focus on children’s media, historical nonfiction, and music-based projects.  Prior to joining HPU, Professor Lambert worked as a video editor, motion graphics designer, photographer, and web designer.  He also worked for seven years as a middle school social studies and math teacher.  He’s a real peach of a guy once you get to know him.