Stefan Hall

Hall Stefan
Stefan Hall
Chair, Game Design Department Associate Professor of Game Design
  • BA, MA – Virginia Tech
  • PhD – Bowling Green State University

Dr. Stefan Hall, Chair of the Game Design Department and Associate Professor, has been a member of the faculty since fall 2012 when he joined the Nido R. Qubein School of Communication. Previously he came to High Point University from Defiance College in Ohio where he was an Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies and taught over a dozen different courses across a broad swath of the field of Communication.


Teaching in Game Design, Dr. Hall draws upon his long history of gaming experience, from being taught to play Dungeons & Dragons in elementary school to his first, but not last, console (an Atari VCS) to the early days of computer programming in junior high and the nascent computer video game field (thanks to computers at home, too). Continuing to playtest different role-playing systems as an undergraduate and starting to collect video games, systems, and memorabilia in graduate school only deepened his interest in the field. This ultimately lead to his dissertation examining the historical and economic relationship between the video game and film industries.


Over the course of his teaching career, Dr. Hall has had many opportunities to interact with students from a multitude of diverse backgrounds, from economically disadvantaged minority students in high school to Japanese elementary and middle school students to the wide variety of individuals that constitute the student bodies of public state universities as well as private colleges. He has found that each student brings a rich set of experiences that can be used to enhance the learning experience for everyone involved. He believes that the acquisition of an education should foster both professional and personal growth. Ultimately, Dr. Hall is concerned with diversity of thought and the many perspectives that people bring from their own unique combinations of self. As an educator, he is committed to the expansion of learning communities and the increased representation of all people in all levels of the educational system.


Dr. Hall earned his PhD in American Culture Studies with a concentration in Critical Studies in Film, Media, and Culture from Bowling Green State University (OH). He received his MA in English from Virginia Tech as well as his BA in English with minors in Psychology and Communication Studies.