Kimberly Titus

Kim Titus
Kimberly Titus
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • B.A./B.S. Stetson University
  • Ph.D. North Carolina State University

Dr. Kim Titus, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, teaches courses in introductory computer programming, advanced programming with data structures, programming for data analytics and web development. She chairs HPU’s Information Technology Advisory Committee composed of faculty, staff and members of HPU’s Office of Information Technology. Titus holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Stetson University. She earned her PhD at North Carolina State University in Experimental Solid State Physics. She has been on the faculty at HPU for more than a decade, teaching physics, astronomy, mathematics, and computer science.


As an Electronic Materials Fellow at NCSU, Titus optically characterized II-VI semiconductor materials grown by molecular beam epitaxy in pursuit of developing blue lasers and laser diodes. She then spent 4 years as a Post-doc and Visiting Assistant Professor in Textile Engineering at the NCSU College of Textiles. Her work there, sponsored by Levi Strauss and the National Textile Consortium, focused on developing sensor technology for the apparel and airbag industries and resulted in 2 patents. Titus joined the HPU faculty as a physics and astronomy adjunct for two years before becoming a full time faculty member in the joint Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in 2007, teaching a variety of courses including computer programming, web development, Calculus I, II, and III, finite math, precalculus, and mathematical methods. She became a member of the new Department of Computer Science within the Webb School of Engineering in Fall 2018.


Titus has a passion for teaching students and assisting them in developing their programming skills. As an undergraduate she highly valued the accessibility that she had to faculty and is proud to work at an institution that shares the same value. Her current interests include Data Science and developing web-based interventions to assist beginning and intermediate computer science students with the challenges of coding.