Jeffrey Regester

Jeff Regester
Jeffrey Regester
Instructor of Physics and Astronomy and Manager of Physics Shop
  • B.S. in Applied and Engineering Physics and a B.A. in Archaeology from Cornell University
  • M.S. in Astronomy from the University of Arizona

His areas of interest are astronomy, engineering, physics education, physics demonstrations, and laboratory apparatuses. Mr. Regester performed an experiment on NASA’s reduced gravity aircraft (i.e. the vomit comet). He also observed Pluto occultations with a NASA and NSF funded team preparing for the New Horizons mission at locations in Tasmania, Reunion Island, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands, New Mexico and North Carolina. Mr. Regester oversees the physics department’s 3D printer, ShopBot, and maker space. He teaches students how to safely use the shop tools.