Minor in Visual Merchandising Design for FMD Majors

Requirements for a Minor in Visual Merchandising Design (25 credits)

Many of the courses listed below are only offered once per year and need to be taken in a specific sequence. Please see your advisor to plan out your schedule.

INT12203Design Communication I: Visual Ideation
INT12804Studio I: Form & Space
INT21203Design Communication II: Visual Abstractions
INT21804Studio II: Plane & Pattern
INT22203Design Communication III: Visual Presentation
VMD23004Materials & Textiles
VMD31004Visual Merchandising Studio I
TOTAL2517 Outside major

NOTE: Students must pass INT 1220, 1280, 2120 and VMD 3105 with a C or higher in order to meet the prerequisites for subsequent classes and complete the minor. Interior Design students must complete 16 unique credits to receive the minor.