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Graduate Student Financial Aid Steps

Important changes for the 2017-2018 academic year

Starting with the 2017-2018 academic year, the FAFSA will be available online starting October 1, 2016. This earlier submission date will be a permanent change and will enable students to complete and submit the FAFSA as early as October 1st each year. In addition to the date change, students will also be required to report income information from an earlier tax year. So for the 2017-2018 FAFSA, students will report their 2015 tax information.

Here is a summary of key dates for submitting the FAFSA:

If you plan to attend college from

You will submit this FAFSA

You can submit
FAFSA from

Using income
& tax information from

July 1, 2016 –
June 30, 2017


January 1, 2016 –
June 30, 2017


July 1, 2017 –
June 30, 2018


October 1, 2016 –
June 30, 2018


July 1, 2018 –
June 30, 2019


October 1, 2017 –
June 30, 2019


These changes to the FAFSA will provide a number of benefits:

  • Because the FAFSA will ask for older income and tax information, you will already have done your taxes by the time you fill out your FAFSA, and you won’t need to estimate your tax information and then go back into the FAFSA later to update it.
  • Because you’ll already have done your taxes by the time you fill out your FAFSA, you may be able to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT) to automatically import your tax information into your FAFSA. When completing the FAFSA you can click the “Link to IRS” button in the Financial Info Section to choose IRS data retrieval, this will automatically pull in your 2015 tax information into the form.
  • Because the FAFSA is available earlier, you may feel less pressure due to having more time to explore and understand your financial aid options and apply for aid before your state’s and school’s deadlines.
  • For more information on this change to the FAFSA process, please visit the  Student Aid FAFSA updates website

1. Be accepted for admission to High Point University

2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at as soon as possible after October 1st each year

  • FAFSA may only be completed by US Citizens and Permanent Residents
  • FAFSA is the only application for financial aid our office requires
  • In order to complete the FAFSA you will have to apply for a FSA ID – this is a unique identifier that serves as your signature
  • Remember to include the HPU school code (002933) in the release section in order for our office to receive your FAFSA results
  • Our priority date for filling is March 1st each year
  • The results of your FAFSA should be received by the Student Financial Planning Office within 10 days from the date of filing
  • If you did not include your Social Security Number on your Admissions application, then please call into our office (336-841-9124) so that it can be added to your account. We cannot access your FAFSA application without a SSN in our system

3. Upon receiving your FAFSA data, your Financial Planning Counselor will review your eligibility for our need-based programs.

  • You will receive a personalize aid package in the mail
  • All aid awarded through our office is need based.
  • All aid packages will include the Financial Aid Terms and Conditions

4. If you are offered any federal direct student loans, then you need to complete a Loan Acceptance Form

If you are ACCEPTING your student loan(s) to help cover the cost of your education:
Step 1: Complete Entrance Counseling at
Step 2: Complete a Master Promissory Note at This is a binding, legal document through which the borrower agrees to repay the loan. It should be read carefully and a copy retained for the borrower’s records.
Step 3: Turn in the completed and signed Loan Acceptance Form to the Office of Student Financial Planning in person, via mail or via secure fax (336-841-4649)

If you are DECLINING your student loan(s) at this time:
Check decline on the Loan Acceptance Form and turn the signed form into the office of Student Financial Planning in person, via mail or via secure fax (336-841-4649)

Please Note: Financial aid awarded by or administered through High Point University will be credited to your account, half in the Fall Term and half in the Spring Term.




Our main office is located in Suite 100 of Roberts Hall.

Phone: (336) 841-9124
Fax: (336) 841-4649
FAFSA/Title IV School code: 002933