Merit-Based Scholarships

Every student who applies and is accepted for admission at High Point University will be considered for merit-based scholarships. These scholarships are generally renewable provided that the student maintains a designated minimum grade point average. To be considered for these scholarships, applicants must submit their application for admission to the Admissions Office by November 15 for priority consideration and January 1st for general consideration.

Please visit Scholarship and Grants on the Admissions webpage for more information.

Policies Associated with Merit Aid

  1. Required Cumulative GPA – students receiving merit aid through High Point University are required to maintain certain levels of academic performance to retain their particular award. Please contact your financial planning counselor for the specific minimum cumulative GPA requirements of your scholarship award.
  2. Full-time Enrollment – students must be enrolled full-time to receive any institutionally-funded aid to include merit awards. There are 2 exceptions to this general policy:
    1. Summer attendance (explained below)
    2. Last semester prior to graduation and student only needs less-than-full-time hours to complete their degree. In this case, the merit aid will be prorated based on the actual number of hours (and associated tuition charged) needed to graduate. Proration calculation is taking the percent that the merit aid represents of full time tuition in a normal Fall or Spring semester and applying that same percentage to the actual charges for part-time tuition in which the student is enrolled.
  3. Study Abroad Eligibility – The only program where a student may utilize their merit awards is the Exchange Program. Students going on Affiliated or Unaffiliated programs are not eligible for any institutional aid.
  4. Maximum Number of Semesters and Amount per Semester – Students awarded merit aid coming in as an entering freshmen have a maximum eligibility of 8 semesters of full-time enrollment provided they are maintaining the required cumulative GPA. Students who graduate a semester early are not eligible to receive the full annual amount in one semester. No more than half the annual amount will be allowed in any one semester.
  5. Summer Attendance – Students may use one of their maximum 8 semesters of eligibility for their merit aid during the Summer term, however the amount received will be based on actual charges. The merit aid will be prorated which will allow the student to receive the same percentage of merit aid toward Summer tuition charges as the merit aid represents toward normal full-time tuition in a standard Fall or Spring semester.
  6. Students Not Maintaining Required Cumulative GPA – As stated, students must maintain a certain cumulative GPA to retain their merit aid. If a student fails to meet the minimum requirement, students will no longer be eligible to receive their merit aid until such time as the student’s cumulative GPA is raised to the required level. Students may submit a written appeal requesting a probationary term based on extenuating circumstances which will allow the student to continue to receive their merit aid for one semester in order to raise their cumulative GPA to the minimum requirement. Please note students may appeal only twice. If a student is still below the minimum requirement after 2 appeals, no further appeals will be considered. In this case the student will not be eligible for merit aid until the minimum cumulative GPA has been obtained.

Additional Insitutional Scholarships

The following are awards not already listed on our Scholarships and Grants Admissions page that students may be eligible for.

ROTC Housing Scholarships

ROTC Cadets that receive a full tuition and fees scholarship through the ROTC program may be eligible for this scholarship that will provide additional funding up to the cost of Tier 1 housing and board minus all other institutional, federal, state, private and military grant/scholarship aid the student receives for the Fall and/or Spring term(s). To be eligible for this scholarship a student must have a completed FAFSA on file with our office and complete and return the ROTC Housing Scholarship Application. Please email our office at to request the scholarship application.

Departmental Scholarships

There are many other opportunities for scholarships offered through academic offices once you have joined our student body. Students are encouraged to speak with their department of study early in the spring semester about scholarship opportunities that may be available for the next academic year.  Each departments sets their own criteria and method for awarding its scholarships to its students.