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Returning Students 2023-2024 – These rates for the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters apply to undergrad students continuing their enrollment with the University beyond the Spring 2023 semester and who did not have to reapply for admission for the 23-24 academic year.

Tuition and Fees:


Housing and Food:


The total direct investment when including the average aid package of $13,000+ :


Highly Valued Collection of Complimentary Services  
Academic Tutoring and PrintingComplimentary
Campus Parking and Airport TransportationComplimentary
Success Coach and Career AdvisorComplimentary
Parent and Student Concierge ServicesComplimentary
Laundry Complimentary
Athletic Events and ConcertsComplimentary

Total tuition, fees, Tier 1 housing, food, and state dining tax before factoring university scholarships, grants, and fellowships is $63,336. For federal financial aid purposes, indirect costs including books, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses (set at $3,840) are added to tuition, fees, food, state dining tax and Tier 2 housing to determine High Point University’s official average total cost of attendance, which is $71,670 for 2023-2024 (this excludes the average annual scholarship of $13,000).

View more information on the Meal Plan options from our award-winning dining experience.

In addition to the items mentioned above there are a few additional charges that may show on the student’s bill:

  1. Student Health Insurance – Student must show proof of health insurance or enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan. The link provides information on this insurance plan including how to enroll or waive it.
  2. Optional Tuition Protection Insurance – The link provides information on this protection including how to waive it.
  3. International students will be assessed an additional fee of $1,500 for the academic year. This only applies to F-1 Visa holders.
  4. An additional charge of $970 per semester credit hour in excess of 18 hours will be added to your bill in either semester during the 2023-2024 academic year
  5. Students attending on a part-time basis will pay $1,291 per semester credit hour plus $2,730 in fees per semester if they are taking up to and including 11 semester credits. Students who enroll in 12 or more semester credits will pay the same tuition and general fees as a full-time degree-seeking student. Part-time students are also required to pay the general fees and will be permitted to participate in all student activities outside the classroom including, but not limited to, intramural activities, student government, Greek Life, the Student Health Center and Slane Student Fitness Center.

There will be an additional investment for students choosing an upgraded housing option. For more information about individual residence halls, please visit our Residence Life page.  Availability of all housing tier options is not guaranteed all four years.

More Info

All HPU students are required to reside on campus until they have reached senior status, unless they commute from their parent’s permanent address. If students live off campus during their senior year, their residence cannot be within a one mile radius of campus. If you would like more information on the off-campus housing contract please visit Living on campus within a student-focused, caring community provides wonderful opportunities for students to get involved in all areas of academic and campus life.

Not living on campus? View cost of attendance for students living off campus.