In “College Writing and Public Life,” our goal is to help students develop meaningful writing projects by following their own curiosity, transforming a personal interest into an academic inquiry. As a cornerstone of the Core Curriculum, ENG 1103 is a course where students develop: dispositions and strategies for academic inquiry; insider knowledge of academic writing conventions; and practice evaluating and using relevant information and writing technologies.

All sections of ENG 1103 share common objectives and students have similar experiences across sections. Students gain extensive practice in process strategies and engage in ongoing conversation about expectations for college writing. The purposes, audiences, and contexts for writing are emphasized. Writing projects ask students to make decisions based on their own analyses and to develop their ideas by integrating those of others. In their midterm reflections and final portfolio, all students are asked to demonstrate metacognitive awareness of their development as writers.

We invite you to read examples of great first-year writing in Student Spotlight and browse our Program Reports to see how we assess and improve the program every year.


Dr. Holly Middleton (

Associate Professor of English and Director of First-year Writing

Norcross 206