May 04th, 2021

Ganbatte! Adventuring in Japan

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Global Experience Program
Ganbatte! Adventuring in Japan
Osaka, Japan; Kyoto, Japan
Do you like Japanese video games? Do you watch anime or read manga? Join this program and travel to Osaka to examine Japanese media and popular culture and their influence in the United States. The relaxed, friendly, and historic city of Osaka will serve as your home during the program. While you’re there, visit Osaka Castle, attend a traditional martial arts demonstration, learn to make Japanese food with local university students, stroll the famed electronics hub of Nippombashi, take an evening tour of Dotonbori, Osaka’s entertainment district renowned for its neon lights and extravagant signage, participate in taiko, soba noodle, and kimono workshops, and much more. Day-trips to enchanting Kyoto and Hyogo/Himeji Castle are also included!
Application Deadline
November 15, 2021
Estimated Program Fee
$5,499 - $6,599
Application Fee
$200 (non-refundable if accepted into program)
A Note on Expenses
Due to the global pandemic, certain aspects of this program may change due to facility closures, transportation restrictions, and/or governmental mandates. The program fees listed reflect the current pricing quotes and, while unlikely, are subject to change.
Ganbatte! Adventuring in Japan
Osaka, Japan; Kyoto, Japan
Travel Program Dates
May 10 - 25, 2022
Application Deadline
November 15, 2021
Program Requirements
Applicants and participants must be full-time students at High Point University in good academic standing holding at least a 2.0 GPA, and must be in good disciplinary standing.
Office of Global Education, Cottrell Hall, Suite 142
Course: COM/GBS 3381: Japanese Media & Popular Culture
Course term: Spring 2022
Credits: 4
Professor: Dr. Stefan Hall,
Dōtonbori Walking Tour, including visit to Ame-mura, Shitennō-ji and the Tennoji neighborhood, Nipponbashi and Ota Road, Osaka Castle, traditional martial arts demonstration, takoyaki and okonomiyaki making party with Japanese buddies, kimono workship, soba noodle workshop, taiko workshop, evening activities like a baseball game or English-language comedy show , and much more!

Excursions: Day-trips to Kyoto and Hyogo (Himeji Castle)