May 05th, 2021

Marketing in Spain

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Maymester Program
Marketing in Spain
Salamanca, Spain
Travel to Spain, where you will gain a firm understanding of marketing strategies and advertising linguistics in Spain. Your class will be taught by HPU faculy in a historic building at the 800-year-old Universidad de Salamanca, one of the oldest universities in the world. You will reside at the heart of the charming and student-friendly city of Salamanca (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and take weekend excursions to the Basque region where you'll visit Bilbao and San Sebastian, near the French border, as well as the Andalucían cities of Cordoba and Sevilla, known for their tapas and flamenco. You will also explore the Castilla-Leon region, visiting Segovia, the Royal Palace of La Granja, and La Alberca.

This course will enhance students' understanding of international marketing practices, as well as the implications of language in marketing communications. Students will expand their view of current marketing practices while in an international environment. It is also the expressed goal of this course to develop a global dimension to each student’s education by fostering understanding of diverse cultures in today’s world and by equipping students to grapple with the complex global forces that are intensifying the interconnectedness of our world.
Application Deadline
November 15, 2021
Estimated Program Fee
$5,499 - $6,599
Application Fee
$200 (non-refundable if accepted into program)
HPU Tuition & Fees
A Note on Expenses
Due to the global pandemic, certain aspects of this program may change due to facility closures, transportation restrictions, and/or governmental mandates. The program fees listed reflect the current pricing quotes and, while unlikely, are subject to change.
Marketing in Spain
Salamanca, Spain
Travel Program Dates
May 8 - June 5, 2022
Application Deadline
November 15, 2021
Program Requirements
Applicants and participants must have completed Principles of Marketing (MKT 2110) by the end of Spring Semester 2022, must be full-time students at High Point University in good academic standing holding at least a 2.0 GPA, and must be in good disciplinary standing.
Office of Global Education, Cottrell Hall, Suite 142
Course: MKT 3850: Marketing in Spain
Course term: May 2022
Credits: 4
Professor: Dr. Miguel Sahagun,

Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:
1. Demonstrate the ability to comprehend the critical needs of international buyers and explain the major considerations present in international marketing.
2. Identify the necessary external factors, such as the economic system, socio-cultural forces, political and legal issues, and related factors in a foreign market.
3. Develop an international marketing strategy after using SWOT analysis.
4. Evaluate persuasive strategies in advertising discourse.
5. Develop and design an advertising campaign that addresses multiculturalism in a globalized market.
6. Analyze cross-cultural interactions recognizing their marketing impact. Students will assess how cultural heritages shape and limit people’s perspectives. Furthermore, students will describe how their own cultural backgrounds may shape and limit their international marketing viewpoints.
7. Analyze the marketing process and apply the international marketing concepts in a foreign environment. Students will develop and design an advertising campaign that addresses multiculturalism in a globalized market recognizing the causes of globalization in an increasingly interconnected world.
8. Analyze the ethical ramifications of international marketing and be able to define the moral implications of international marketing decisions. Students will assess these issues considering their own sense of civic responsibility.
In order to accomplish the above, this course incorporates non-academic activities to be performed after class throughout our 4 week stay. Some of these activities are cooking and dancing lessons, cultural activities, and visits to local businesses and cultural monuments such as museums, castles, and cathedrals. This is a life changing experience!
Excursions to the Basque region and the cities of Bilbao and San Sebastian, the Andalucía cities of Cordoba and Sevilla, known for its tapas and flamenco, the Castilla-Leon region, visiting Segovia and La Alberca, and the Portuguese hill town of Guarda.