As an F-1 visa holder studying at HPU, it is your responsibility to understand and comply with the terms of your immigration status. Immigration laws and regulations can be confusing, and this guide is not meant to be the final authority on matters relating to your immigration status, but a starting point to help you understand how to stay in lawful status and get the most of your opportunities afforded to you as a non-immigrant student.

A violation of immigration laws or regulations (for example, failing to maintain a full-time credit load or engaging in unauthorized employment) could jeopardize your F-1 status and legal stay in the U.S., as well as provide roadblocks and complications for employment or future U.S. visa requests.

Review this information carefully and contact your Designated School Official or the Office of Global Education if you have questions. HPU’s Designated School Officials are listed below. The Office of Global Education is located in Cottrell Hall.


  1. Maintaining F-1 Status

  2. Immigration Documents

  3. Maintaining your SEVIS Record

  4. Academic Requirements

  5. Employment & Internship Policies

  6. Travel Information

  7. Dependents




DSOContact Information
Dr. Jeffrey Palis
Director of Global Education
Principal Designated School Official
office: +1 (336) 841-9636
Mr. Blair Brown
Recruiter, Graduate Programs
office: +1 (336)-841-9388
Ms. Kristen Cruz
Global Education Coordinator
office: +1 (336) 841-9471
Mr. Chris Ferguson
Study Abroad Advisor
office: +1 (336) 841-9051
Mr. Jim Smith
Director of International Enrollment
office: +1 (336) 841-9144
Ms. Heidi Waibel
Senior Associate Director of Admissions
office: +1 (336) 841-4567