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Academics at High Point University

High Point University offers a variety of classes with relatively small class size, averaging about 18 students per class with a 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Students are able to develop a close relationship with their professors, improving their learning experience.

HPU offers undergraduate courses through the Davis R. Hayworth College of Arts & Sciences, the School of Art & Design, the Earl N. Phillips School of Business, the Nido R. Qubein School of Communication, the Stout School of Education, the Congdon School of Health Sciences, the Wanek School or Natural Sciences, and the Webb School of Engineering. Our largest majors and niche programs include Biology, Business, Communication, Education, Exercise Science, Human Relations, Interior Design, Music, and Physics. A complete listing of course offerings is available in the online course catalog: go to MyStuff, click on the orange “Search for Classes” button, and again the blue “Search for Classes” hyperlink.



Degree-seeking students are not restricted in their choice of study within their enrolled degree plan. In order to enroll in a course, students must have satisfied all pre-requisites. Undergraduate students are not permitted to enroll in graduate-level coursework.

Exchange and study abroad students are not restricted in undergraduate course selection; however, some courses have prerequisites and Music, Theatre, and Art & Design courses often require auditions or portfolios. Currently, High Point University is not able to accept exchange students for graduate study.


Semester Enrollment

High Point University requires full-time students to enroll in a minimum of 12, maximum of 18, credits per term. The recommended number of credits for exchange and study abroad students is 16 credits per term, which would typically be an enrollment of four, 4-credit courses.


Language of Instruction

Language courses are taught in the respective languages; all other courses are taught in English.


English as a Second Language Programs at HPU

In order to be admitted to HPU, students must demonstrate adequate proficiency by submitting TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, or other approved test scores. However, many non-native speakers of English benefit greatly from additional ESL instruction during their first years at college. In order to support our English Language Learners in the best ways that we can, HPU offers the following:

  1. College-Level English as a Second Language Courses

    These credit-bearing courses are intended for students with TOEFL iBT scores of 79 and up or IELTS scores of 6 or higher.  Non-native speakers of English with English proficiency scores that are near the minimum required for unconditional admission may be required to take one or more of these courses for additional instruction in speaking and writing in English; these courses fulfill the foreign language requirement in the general education curriculum.

    • ESL 1010:  English Grammar Skills for Speakers of English as a Second Language.
    • ESL 1020:  Composition Skills for Speakers of English as a Second Language.
    • ESL 1030:  Oral Communication Skills in English as a Second Language.
    • ESL 1040:  Reading in English as a Second Language.

    ESL options are available to students both throughout the academic year and in Summer School programs.

  2. General Education English Requirement

    All students at HPU are required to take (or transfer credit for) English 1103, College Writing and Public Life.As an alternative, Non-native speakers of English may elect to take ENG 1101 and ENG 1102; taken consecutively, these courses fulfill the General Education requirement. Offered by the Department of English, the two-semester stretch allows instructors to pace the course in accordance with the students’ English proficiency and allows students the opportunity to receive additional instruction as needed.

  3. ESL Tutoring

    Tutors are available through the Office of Academic Services, located on the 4th floor of Smith Library.

  4. Helpful Resources for English Language Learners

For more information about ESL classes or placement, contact Dr. Daliang Wang, Chair, Department of Global Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.