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Visa Information: India

IMPORTANT: This information provides guidelines about the visa process. Visa regulations often change, and procedures can vary by Consulate and/or Embassy. Students should verify the current visa application procedures with the appropriate Consulate or Embassy before initiating the process. While every effort is made to ensure these guidelines are updated and as accurate as possible, the Office of Global Education and High Point University cannot guarantee that the visa information posted is the most current. The information included only applies to US citizens.


NOTE: As of July 1, 2013, visas are being outsourced to BLS International. Do not follow any instructions for Travisa, the company that formerly handled the visa process.


Application Process

  1. India Visa Application Form: You must complete the India Visa Application Form. After the application has been completed, you must print and sign the application on two pages (not front and back).
    • Note: A guide to filling out these forms can be found at It is very important that the following fields are filled in correctly; otherwise, your application will not be accepted. BLS international is not allowed to modify these fields on your behalf. Make note of the following:
      • Indian Mission: USA-Washington: This is for residents of N.C., Delaware, D.C., Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.
      • Surname: This is your last name as on your passport.
      • Given Name: This is your first name and middle name (if applicable) as on your passport. Each name should be separated by a space.
      • Passport No.: Passport number as on your passport.
      • Date of Expiry: Passport expiration date as on your passport (DD/MM/YYYY format).
      • The application should be printed on 2 separate sheets of paper.
    • Photograph: One latest 2×2 inch passport size photographs (black/white or color) depicting front pose against a white background on photographic paper is required. No glasses are allowed to be worn in the photo. Using glue or paste, affix the photo to the India Visa Application. Do not staple the photo.
    • Digital Image of Visa Photo: The online application will require you to upload your visa photo. Be prepared to do this.
    • Signatures: The India Visa application has 2 places for signature. The following sections must be signed correctly:
      • Page 1: Each applicant must sign COMPLETELY inside the box on Page 1 below their picture. Minors who cannot write their name can use a thumbprint in black ink instead. If any part of the signature or thumbprint is outside of the box, the application will be rejected.
      • Page 2: At the bottom of Page 2, the applicant must sign. If the applicant is a minor, both parents or legal guardians must sign.
    • Passport: Passport must have a minimum validity of six months from the date of application with at least two blank visa pages. The last 2 amendment pages are not acceptable. Must be the actual passport not a copy because your visa will be stamped in the actual passport.
    • Proof of Address: Applicants must submit a photocopy with proof of residence/address that matches the present address on the visa application exactly. Photocopy of state-issued ID (Driver License or ID), major utility bill (Water, Gas, Electric, Sewage), or a copy of a valid/current lease containing both the landlord and tenant signatures must be submitted. Do not cut your driver’s license copy down to a smaller size. Please leave the copy on regular-sized paper.
      • The following items are not accepted: cell phone bill, credit card statement, or bank statement. The address cannot include a P.O. box.
      • For College/University students living on campus in university housing/dormitories, a letter from your institution on the institution’s letterhead explaining the exact address that you presently reside in may suffice. Contact your local embassy to confirm.
    • Admission Letter: A letter confirming admission from a recognized institution along with evidence of financial arrangements for stay in India.
    • Processing Time: The normal processing time for US Citizens born in the US is usually 3-5 business days.

Non-refundable tickets or reservations should not be purchased until all visas and passports are secured and in your possession.

  1. Fees: A Processing Service Fee of $4.70 will be collected by BLS International per application, per passport. The consular fee for a 1 year (12 months) multiple-entry student visa is $98.00, for a total of $102.70. Note: All Consular Fees and Processing Fees are non-refundable, even if a visa is denied or if a visa is issued for a shorter period of time or otherwise issued or returned at a time or on terms and conditions that vary from those sought by the applicant. The preferable method of payment is by Money Order. Personal checks are not accepted.

Please note that India is jurisdictional. You gave your state as North Carolina. You may only apply through the Washington consulate. If you are applying from your home state please visit to find out which consulate has jurisdiction over your home state.

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