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Lorenzo de’ Medici

Florence, Rome, Tuscania, & Venice, Italy

Founded in 1973 in Florence, Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM) is Italy’s most comprehensive and well-established international institution in higher education. In addition to its main campus in Florence, LdM has campus in Rome, Tuscania, and Venice. Today, LdM hosts over 2800 students annually from all over the world. The educational opportunities at each of LdM’s four campuses are deeply rooted in their surrounding environments, allowing students to experience first-hand the inspiring culture of both historical and contemporary Italy. LdM integrates formal, university-level learning with an emphasis on personal growth, individual engagement, and community responsibility.

Quick Facts


  • Florence, Italy (population: 370,000)
  • Rome, Italy (population: 2.8 million)
  • Tuscania, Italy (population: 8,250)
  • Venice, Italy (population: 270,000)

University: Lorenzo de Medici (Florence Campus: 2,500 students)

Terms available: 

  • Fall (late August to mid-December)
  • Spring (late January to mid-May)

Minimum application requirements: 2.8 GPA and Sophomore status

Application deadlines:

  • Fall Term Abroad: March 15
  • Spring Term Abroad: May 15, the year prior

Visa Information: See the Visa Information: Italy page for detailed information.


Academic Program

Dedicated international professors, small class sizes, and inspiring academic field trips make learning at LdM a distinctive and enriching experience for the individual within the context of an international community. Each city is used a as classroom with its monuments, artwork, industry, and people serving as invaluable resources. LdM students have integral roles in conferences, festivals, LdM News and film productions, archaeological digs, restoration projects, fashion shows, and other events, richly complementing the student’s academic experience. While most classes are conducted in English, all Italian Language and Italian Culture courses are taught in Italian, ranging from beginning to advanced levels.

Note: All students participating in a semester study abroad program at LdM must take at least one Italian Language or Italian Language & Culture course.

For a list of other course offerings, please visit the Lorenzo de’ Medici course catalog.

To find out more about the school, visit the  Lorenzo de’ Medici website.

For a taste of LdM’s internship offerings for academic credit, please go to LdM Internship Offerings.


Credit for Semester Study Abroad

For High Point University to recognize the credits you complete abroad, you must earn a grade equivalent to a C in the U.S. HPU will not accept credit for courses with grades of C– or below. Grades for all courses earned abroad are recorded on the foreign transcript. Credits are received by HPU as transfer credits, which means the credit is received but the grade is not. Your HPU grade point average will not be impacted positively or negatively by your study abroad courses.

For More Information…

For more information, visit the Lorenzo de’ Medici website or email a study abroad representative. To schedule an advising appointment, contact the Office of Study Abroad at (336) 841-9280.

Office of Global Education

Location: Cottrell Hall, Suite 142
Phone: +1 (336) 841-9280
Mailing Address:
High Point University
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High Point, NC 27268  USA

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