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Stockholm Business School

An HPU Exchange Program
Stockholm, Sweden

Poster_StockholmBusinessSchoolStockholm Business School (SBS) is one of the biggest departments at Stockholm University with more than 3,500 students, about 100 research and teaching staff, and some 40 doctoral students. SBS conducts prominent research and education in an open and innovative environment. At SBS you will be equipped with knowledge and skills of business studies while also allowing you to develop a strong sense of self and a deeper understanding of the world around you.

Founded in 1962, SBS educates future business leaders and managers for careers in both the private and public sector. SBS is located in restored buildings dating back to 1912 in the traditional Kräftriket campus area, beautifully located near the picturesque Brunnsviken lake. The area is within walking distance of Stockholm city center, is easily accessible by public transportation and has plenty of parking facilities.

SBS is located in Stockholm, the beautiful capital city of Sweden where tradition meets innovation. The school benefits from its location in one of the largest hubs for business and education in Northern Europe and attracts bright minds from all over the world. World famous brands such as IKEA, H&M, Skype and Spotify were all born in Sweden, and breakthrough inventions such as the pacemaker and three-point seatbelt were also developed here. Almost 100,000 students live in the Stockholm area and the city is buzzing with student activities and events. What is more, Stockholm is Scandinavia’s cultural hub, with a wide offering of galleries and museums, live music, and fine dining.

Top 3 Reasons to study here:

  1. Enjoy the benefits of a highly skilled and experienced faculty who base their courses on the latest within research.
  2. Meet people of many different nationalities, with contacts throughout the world, who contribute to the creation of a highly international atmosphere at SBS.
  3. Study in Stockholm, the beautiful capital city of Sweden where tradition meets innovation. It is one of the largest hubs for business and education in Northern Europe and attracts bright minds from all over the world to the picturesque campus.


Quick Facts

Location: Stockholm, Sweden (population: 790,000)

University: Stockholm Business School (students: 3,500)

Terms available:

  • Fall (Late August – mid-January)
  • Spring (mid-January – early June)

Minimum application requirements: 2.75 GPA and Sophomore status

Application deadlines:

  • Fall Term Abroad: March 15
  • Spring Term Abroad: May 15, the year prior

Visa information: Review Stockholm University’s visa page for detailed information.


Academic Program

Stockholm Business School is a great option for students majoring in Business Administration or International Business. A broad range of courses is available to exchange students taught in English in the areas of finance, management, marketing, and accounting. At SBS, each term is divided into four periods consisting of five weeks each. Students take one course during each period and take an exam at the end of the period before beginning a new course. During periods 3 and 4, students often study two courses that last throughout both periods. Full-time studies correspond to 30 ECTS. Most courses are worth 7.5 ECTS each, which transfers as 4 HPU credits. Explore the full course catalog here.

For more information visit the webpage for Stockholm Business School.


Credit Transfer

For High Point University to recognize the credits you complete abroad, you must earn at least a grade equivalent to a C in the U.S. HPU will not accept credit for courses with grades of C– or below. Grades for all courses earned abroad are recorded on the international transcript. Credits are received by HPU as transfer credits, which means the credit is received but the grade is not. Your HPU grade point average will not be impacted positively or negatively by your study abroad courses.

For More Information…

For more information, visit Stockholm Business School’s website or email a study abroad representative. To schedule an advising appointment, contact the Office of Study Abroad at (336) 841-9280.

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