Global Education

University of South Pacific

Suva, Fiji

The Fiji program is designed to provide students with a unique living and learning experience. USP is the premier institution of higher education in the Pacific Region and an international center of excellence for teaching, research and consulting on all aspects of Pacific life. It comprises a vibrant and culturally diverse community of staff and students from its 12 member countries as well as from other countries worldwide. The curriculum is designed to take maximum advantage of the special location and the unique expertise of the faculty. The very content of the courses complements, reinforces, and enhances the intercultural experience: Marine Studies, Environmental Studies, Tropical Ecosystems, Ecotourism and more!

Quick Facts

Location: Suva (population: 175,000)

University: University of South Pacific (20,000 students)

Terms available: 

  • Fall (mid-July to late November)
  • Spring (mid-February to late June)

Minimum application requirements: 2.75 GPA and Sophomore status

Application deadlines:

  • Fall Term Abroad: March 15
  • Spring Term Abroad: May 15, the year prior

Visa Information: See the Visa Information: Fiji page for detailed information.


Academic Program

The curriculum in Pacific Island Studies at USP is designed to take maximum advantage of the special location and the unique expertise of the faculty. The very content of the courses complements, reinforces, and enhances the intercultural experience. Instead of taking courses that are identical to courses available on their home campuses, students study about Fiji while living in Fiji.

To view the course selection, visit the University of South Pacific course catalog.

For more information about life at the university, go the the University of South Pacific website.


Credit for Semester Study Abroad

For High Point University to recognize the credits you complete abroad, you must earn a grade equivalent to a C in the U.S. HPU will not accept credit for courses with grades of C– or below. Grades for all courses earned abroad are recorded on the foreign transcript. Credits are received by HPU as transfer credits, which means the credit is received but the grade is not. Your HPU grade point average will not be impacted positively or negatively by your study abroad courses.

For More Information…

For more information, visit the University of South Pacific website or email a study abroad representative. To schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor, contact the Office of Study Abroad at (336) 841-9280.

Office of Global Education

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