Global Studies Outcomes

All of the following outcomes must find expression (in words more specifically suited to course content) among the learning goals for each Global Studies course:

  1. Students analyze connections and tensions between multiple cultural perspectives and demonstrate self-awareness about how the students’ cultural heritages both shape and limit their perspectives.
  2. Students analyze processes that are affecting global interconnectedness and assess the significance of those processes.
  3. Students describe multiple perspectives on an ethical issue that has global or international ramifications, and evaluate those perspectives in light of their own sense of personal and civic responsibility.


Global Studies Assessment

In order to assess how well our students are achieving these outcomes without excessively burdening instructors of Global Studies courses, the Global Studies committee asks those instructors to do only three things: (1) include the Global Studies Outcomes in their syllabi and course construction, (2) include in their syllabus a short (at least 1000 word), graded writing assignment responding to a prompt meant to assess one of the Global Studies Outcomes, and (3) allow class time near the end of the semester for students to complete on online Qualtrics survey assessing Global Studies Outcomes.  The survey will be constructed and scored by the Global Studies committee.  It will consist of a number of self-reported, Likert-scale assessments of their own learning, as well as a place for them to cut-and-paste their short writing assignment from (2).  The short writing assignments will then be scored by committee members.  The outcome to be assessed will change each year to cycle through the specific outcomes.  Outcomes will be assessed using a random sample of assignments based on the Global Studies assessment rubric.

The Assessment schedule:

N.B.: Instructors may design the assignment prompt to align with course content, but the assignment should be designed to elicit student responses demonstrating their achievement of one of the Global Studies outcomes (each academic year the committee will focus on a different outcome).

Fall 2021 and Spring 2022: Outcome 2

Fall 2022 and Spring 2023: Outcome 3

Fall 2023 and Spring 2024: Outcome 1