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Graduate School Consultation
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Admission Terms: Fall I, Fall II, Spring I, Spring II, and Summer admission

Deadlines for Application Materials:

Please see Admissions Information page for deadlines.

Application Materials:

Applicants must have a four-year bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college. An admission decision takes into consideration the applicant’s GPA, completed course work, professional work experience, personal and professional goals for the degree, as well as the information provided by references.
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Required materials include:

  • online application 
  • an official transcript from all colleges attended excluding High Point University. If you have attended High Point University you must include it on your application. Graduate Admissions staff will request that transcript for you once your application is submitted.
  • resume
  • essay about interest in the program and goals for the degree
  • two professional or academic reference reports (Waived for International MBA Applicants)

Exceptions to any admission requirement may be considered under special circumstances.

ACC 5130: Managerial Accounting

A course emphasizing basic accounting techniques and their use in preparing and analyzing financial statements and in making managerial decisions. This course will show the relationship of the cost function to other accounting and organizational functions. Students will acquire an understanding of costs and cost behavior as well as acquiring the skills to use cost information for planning and control decisions. Prerequisite: Three undergraduate credits in accounting. Three credits.

MGT 5020: Organizational Behavior

A course designed to improve leadership skills of managers. Students will explore how to develop a high performing organization through the study of leadership theory and practices, organization culture, motivation, decision making, and group behavior. Three credits.

FIN 5330: Financial Markets and Corporate Strategy

This course integrates capital structure and corporate financial decisions with corporate strategy. It looks at financial decision making with the objective of understanding its relation to corporate strategy. An integral area is the understanding of financial markets and valuation and learning how to carry this understanding to real domestic and global decisions. This
course addresses other important issues facing financial managers such as allocating capital for real investments, financing the firm, knowing whether and how to hedge risk, and allocating funds for financial investments. Three credits.

BUA 5050: Business Analytics I

Develops an understanding of the underlying principles of data analysis as well as the issues and challenges faced in analyzing data for making business decisions. With hands-on application and an emphasis on conceptual understanding, students learn the limitations and potential of data analysis tools in making decisions relating to finance, operations, and marketing. Three credits.

MGT 5290: Global Supply Chain and Operations Management

Operations and supply chain management are the means through which a firm’s strategic plans are effectively realized. Typically, the vast bulk of a company’s people and assets are engaged in operations of one sort or another. Managing operations means dealing with products and services. This course will sharpen participants’ insights to the impact of corporate decisions on operations and supply chain management through data analysis, case studies, and development of a publishable paper. Prerequisite: Significant content coverage in statistics. Three credits.

MKT 5110: Marketing in a Global Economy

This course emphasizes development of sound marketing strategies within a global context. Product, promotion, price, and distribution decisions will be examined within the constraints of cultural, political, and economic settings that confront multinational enterprises. Three credits.

Master of Business Administration (30 hours)

Program of Study - M.B.A
ACC 5130*Managerial Accounting
BUA 5050Business Analytics I
FIN 5330Financial Markets and Corporate Strategy
MGT 5020Organizational Behavior
MGT 5290Global Supply Chain and Operations Management
MGT 5750Strategic Management
MKT 5080 or MKT 5110Market-Based Management or Marketing in a Global Economy
Select three courses from the following:
BUA 5010Applied Business Research
BUA 5055**Business Analytics II
BUA 5065***Business Analytics Practicum
BUA 5080Business Practicum
MGT 5040Leadership Negotiation
MGT 5220Leadership
MGT 5291Transportation and Logistics Management
MGT 5292Project Management
MGT 5293Distribution, Logistics and Network Management
MGT 5600Healthcare Management
MGT 5620Human Resources in Healthcare
MGT 5640The Economics of Healthcare
MKT 5080Market-Based Management
MKT 5090Product and Brand Management
ECO 5090Managerial Economics
*Three credit hours of undergraduate Accounting required prior to enrollment in ACC 5130.
**BUA 5050 is required to take BUA 5055.
***BUA 5050 and BUA 5055 are required to take BUA 5065.
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Transfer of Credit: The M.B.A. program does not accept transfer of credit from other institutions. All credit toward the degree must be earned in High Point University courses. Those also pursuing a bachelors in business at HPU should see the 4000 level courses that would transfer in the ‘BSBA to MBA Program for HPU Students’ tab.
Computer Requirement: A laptop computer and stable internet connection is necessary to fulfill a number of course assignments and is therefore required of all students enrolled in the M.B.A. program.
Class Time:  N/A Asynchronous

Tanisha Graduation

B.S.B.A. to M.B.A. Program for High Point University Students

Business students have the opportunity to have some of their 4000 Level undergraduate business courses substitute for select MBA courses.

MGT 4990 or ENT 4990 for MGT 5750: Strategic Management or MGT 5660: Strategic Management in Healthcare

MGT 4050 for MGT 5290: Supply Chain and Operations Management

MKT 4400 for MKT: 5110: Marketing in a Global Economy

Note that the BSBA to MBA program still requires 30 independent credits at the MBA level. The program does not help you finish faster, it helps you finish smarter because it is easier for your to pick up one (or even two) concentrations!

Corporate Enrollment Incentive Program
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    Platinum: Enroll nine or more FTE MBA students
    Gold benefits + used in practicums/case studies; Named MBA Award; presenter in MBA Speaker Series
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In this program, learners will enhance their leadership skills and gain a comprehensive foundation in functional business areas. They will complete 8 week sessions with breaks in between each session, with May and December almost completely off. Yes, the program is virtual, but the engagement is real! All of our faculty still work on campus and stand ready to answer course, advising, and career questions in a timely fashion. If you cannot c...

In this program, learners will enhance their leadership skills and gain a comprehensive foundation in functional business areas. They will complete 8 week sessions with breaks in between each session, with May and December almost completely off. Yes, the program is virtual, but the engagement is real! All of our faculty still work on campus and stand ready to answer course, advising, and career questions in a timely fashion. If you cannot come to campus, you can engage with faculty and your peers via chat, phone, or video in a digital campus built on Microsoft Teams. This plus the small class sizes capped at 50 brings you into the HPU family no matter where you are. You can work anytime, anywhere, but we recommend a minimum of 12 hours per course per week when classes are in session to be successful.

Contact Information
One N University Pkwy, High Point, NC 27268
M-F from 8:00am — 5:00pm.
Robert Grey Lyttle
The MBA program at High Point University challenges students to think critically about real-world situations to pursue their career goals. My communication and research skills have developed tremendously during my time in the program.
Robert Grey Lyttle
MBA Graduate
Chanler Cook
Obtaining my MBA along with my PharmD from HPU was one of the best decisions I have made. This experience has provided me with many valuable skills that will help me succeed in a corporate healthcare setting.
Chanler Cook
MBA Graduate
Erin Sirois
By pursuing my PharmD and Healthcare Management MBA, I will have the ability to work at the top of my field in medicine. This program has given me the chance to explore how I can implement Healthcare Management as a future pharmacist.
Erin Sirois
MBA Graduate
Jason Lowe
I began my HPU MBA journey during the middle of my career, and it has been one of the best decisions that I have made. The program allowed me to sharpen my analytical and critical thinking skills that I can apply and has also provided flexibility for time with family.
Jason Lowe
MBA Graduate
Abbie Karalis Graduate Student
I am very proud to say that I am one of the first students at HPU to receive a Healthcare Management MBA. This concentration has enabled me to work towards fulfilling my dreams of specializing in this field.
Abbie Karalis
MBA Graduate
Joseph Johnson Graduate Student
I found the Healthcare Management courses stimulating and the course work applicable to real-world situations. Through these courses I engaged in great class discussions and enhanced my presentation skills.
Joseph Johnson
MBA Graduate
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