Graduate credit earned at another institution is not transferred automatically. Students in degree programs, which consider transfer credit, may submit an application for transfer of credit to the Graduate School during their first term of graduate enrollment. Students who meet the below requirements and are looking to transfer credit should email for more information.

For transfer credit to be considered, the course work must show meet the following:

a) Must be completed at an institution accredited as degree-granting by a recognized regional accrediting body for higher education at the time the course was completed;

b) Must be appropriate for fulfilling High Point University degree requirements;

c) Must not exceed six semester hours of graduate credit;

d) Must have earned “A” or “B” for all hours being transferred;

e) Must not have been completed more than five calendar years prior to the request for transfer of credit;

f) Must be documented on an official transcript that existed in the Graduate School at the time of the original review for admission;

g) Must have been earned through regular instruction not workshops, independent study, portfolio-based experiences, and the like;

h) Must be approved by a student’s program director and the Associate Dean of the Graduate School.