Do I need a portfolio for admission?

No. However, all students must submit a portfolio once they have completed ART 1050 and ART 1060 in order to be granted degree candidacy.


Do we have internship opportunities while in the university?

Yes. Many of our students have participated in internships with local museums, photography studios, galleries and other art related venues.


Do we have to buy the computer with special requirements for Studio Art to use during freshman year? Or can we buy it later on?



Can I major in Studio Art and minor or double major in something else? What kinds of minors help a student interested in Art?

Yes. Many of our students double major in art and another area. Many students minor in various areas of academic interest. Many of our students have an entrepreneurial spirit and choose to minor in something business related.


Do I need a recommendation letter?



Are we given the opportunity of studying abroad?

Programs across HPU, including those in Interior Design and Art, offer Maymester study abroad experiences. Students wishing to study for a full semester should consult with their advisor as soon as possible in order to identify the best time and location.


What about Art and Graphic Design Scholarships?

A few small scholarships are sometimes available to rising sophomore students each year. These are based on a portfolio review. If scholarships are available for the following year, students will be notified.


How else can I get involved?

Be sure to join the Art Club. Our students have gone on a glass blowing field trip, visited local museums and painted a mural for a Ben & Jerry’s shop!