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Greek Housing FAQ

How much does it cost?

The Greek Village falls under the “Deluxe Plus” housing tier.

What if I move out?

Greek Village housing is considered priority housing, residents may not place themselves on University housing waitlists. If a resident moves out of the Greek Village, the chapter has 7 calendar days to find a replacement. If a chapter fails to find a replacement in the 7 day window the University will charge the chapter a daily rate for the empty space. Chapters may have policies and/or bylaws in place regarding University fines that state the individual responsible for the fine, in this case moving out, must pay the fine.

What about security?

As with all of our residence halls, the Greek Village houses are accessible by card access. All of the rooms have individual door locks. Campus Security makes regular patrols through the Greek Village. The Greek Village has additional security lighting.

Who has access to the house?

All members of the chapter have access to the front door of the house. However, the chapter may decide to limit the accessibility of the house to nonresident members. For example, resident members have 24 hour access, nonresident members may have access 9AM-9PM.

Who decides who lives in the house?

The chapter should work together to identify who lives in the house. In some cases, the chapter may have bylaws and requirements regarding living in the house.

Who creates the policies in the house?

All policies and procedures as outlined in the Guide to Campus Life are applicable for residents in the Greek Village. The University recognizes the rights of the chapter as a private organization to govern the space and/or resident members and non members with additional policies and procedures, providing that they are not in conflict with University policy and/or the policy of their national organization.

Do we have a Resident Assistant?

Yes, each Greek House has a resident assistant that is employed by the Office of Student Life. In most cases the RA is a member of the organization.

Is food served in the house?

No, there is no food service in the house. There is a full kitchen in the house available for use.

Are there requirements to live in the house?

Residents must maintain a 2.25 GPA to keep residency in the Greek Village.

Is there housekeeping?

Housekeeping is provided by University Campus Enhancement for public areas and common space including: foyer, halls, stairwells, chapter room, kitchen, laundry facilities, patio, public bathrooms and office during the workweek. Chapters, and or individuals, may be sanctioned for excessive dirtiness.

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