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About The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars (TWC)

High Point University selected The Washington Center as its affiliate in Washington, DC because of the exceptional quality of its academic programs and TWC’s extensive history of successful internship placements. Founded in 1975, The Washington Center is an independent, nonprofit organization serving hundreds of colleges and universities in the United States and other countries by providing selected students with opportunities to work and learn in Washington, DC for academic credit. TWC mission is building future leaders and the program strives to instill in all participants the need to be well-informed, public-spirited, and socially engaged individuals. The largest program of its kind, TWC has more than 50,000 alumni from around the world, many of whom are in leadership positions in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Program Areas

The Washington Center offers internships in the following program areas:
  • Advocacy, Service, and Arts
  • Business and Global Trade
  • International Affairs
  • Law and Criminal Justice
  • Media and Communications
  • Political Leadership
  • Science, Technology, and Society 

Program Components

The program at the Washington Center has three primary components: An internship, an academic course, and the leadership forum.

The Internship

For the Internship, each student will work approximately 32-36 hours per week throughout the program session at an internship site relevant to the student’s area of interest.  Each student will select their final internship location from all offers received following telephone interviews with the agencies/organizations/businesses of interest through a process managed by TWCs internship management team.

The Academic Course

Each student will complete one Academic Course  while in Washington.  This course is selected by the student (in consultation with his/her High Point University advisor and the HPW Director) from the approximately 30 TWC course offerings. These courses are taught by TWC’s highly qualified faculty and are designed to capitalize on the unique resources available in Washington, DC while still remaining grounded in traditional academic disciplines. Courses meet one night a week. This academic course may count toward the major, minor, or as an elective, at the sole discretion of the appropriate High Point University department/program chair/academic dean. Courses will be approved during the HPW application process.

Sample courses include:
  • Bioethics
  • Global Markets and International Business Strategies
  • Media and the Movies
  • State of the Arts: Washington’s Hidden Culture
  • How Washington Engages the Arab Middle East
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Issues in Science Policy
  • Campaigning for a Cause: How Advocacy Groups Change the World
  • Research and Writing
  • From Ideas to Action: The Anatomy of Entrepreneurship
  • Black Broadway and Beyond: The African-American Experience in Washington, DC
  • The Mass Media and National Politics: Explaining Washington to the Public
  • Government and Business in the New Economic and Political Reality
  • Scandalous Washington: Uncovering DC History
  • The American Presidency
The Leadership Forum

Through the Leadership Forum at TWC, High Point Washington students will hear and engage with distinguished speakers (including cabinet members, ambassadors, journalists, members of Congress, and others), learn about international policy and conflict, and hear public policy debates involving the people and organizations that shape them.

The Leadership Forum includes five components:

Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series

This is a speaker series, offered on selected afternoons, where you will hear from distinguished leaders.  Past speakers have included VP Dick Cheney, Sec. Madeline Albright, Jim Lehrer, Sam Donaldson, Sec. Carlos Gutierrez, White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry, and German Ambassador Klaus Scarioth

Program-Specific Sessions

Each program area will offer specific panels, activities, site visits, and briefings relevant to that program area.

Civic Engagement Project

You will work with other TWC students and your program advisors to design a civic engagement project that addresses a social or community need, provides an opportunity for change, or play a role in addressing a personal or professional concern.

Global Citizenship Day

This event emphasizes the importance of global citizenship and is designed to help participants develop cross-cultural understandings and skills that are necessary for success in an increasingly interconnected world.

Public Policy Dialogues on Capitol Hill

Each HPW student will meet with a member of Congress for a small-group discussion of current issues.


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