High Point University selected The Washington Center as its affiliate in Washington, DC because of the exceptional quality of its academic programs and TWC’s extensive history of successful internship placements.

Founded in 1975, The Washington Center is an independent, nonprofit organization serving hundreds of colleges and universities in the United States and other countries by providing selected students with opportunities to work and learn in Washington, DC for academic credit. TWC mission is building future leaders and the program strives to instill in all participants the need to be well-informed, public-spirited, and socially engaged individuals. The largest program of its kind, TWC has more than 60,000 alumni from around the world, many of whom are in leadership positions in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Program Components

The program at the Washington Center has three primary components: An internship, an evening academic course, and career readiness programming.

The Internship

TWC partners with over 400 internship sites in D.C. and across the country. For the Internship, most students will work approximately 32-36 hours per week throughout the program session at an in-person internship relevant to the student’s area of interest. Recently, some sites have offered remote internships or hybrid internships. Regardless of whether the internship is in-person or remote, you’ll be working on projects related to your interests, guided by a site supervisor and mentor who cares about your growth and success.

During the internship matching process, you’ll be assisted by the TWC pre-arrival advisors to find and secure an internship that’s right for you.

The  Evening Academic Course

You’ll complete one Evening Academic Course while in Washington. In consultation you’re your HPU advisor and the HPW Director, you’ll select your evening course from approximately 20-30 TWC evening course offerings. These courses are taught by TWC’s highly qualified faculty and are designed to capitalize on the unique resources available in Washington, DC. Courses meet one night each week. This course may satisfy major, minor, or general education requirements at High Point University or may count as an elective, at the sole discretion of the appropriate High Point University department/program chair/academic dean or Registrar. Courses will be approved for each student during the HPW application process.

Sample courses include:

  • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Scandalous Washington: D.C. History Behind the Headlines
  • Political Psychology
  • Business: Case Studies in Strategic Trade Management
  • The First Amendment
  • The Death Penalty
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Mass Media and American Politics: From Campaigns to Governing
  • Organizations and International Humanitarian Law
  • Research & Writing Seminar
Career Readiness Programming

During the program, you will also participate in TWC’s Career Readiness Programming. This programming includes a variety of professional development workshops, networking events, career exploration sessions, and one-on-one advising to help you maximize your internship experience and develop a plan for the next step in your career preparation.

Sample sessions include:

  • CliftonStrengths Series
  • Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
  • Networking Session: Policy and Politics Sector
  • Personal Pitch
  • US Secret Service -Brown Bag & Info Session
  • DEI Series
  • Embracing Chaos in Your Career
  • Negotiating Salary (and Benefits)