High Point Washington

Application Deadlines

Applications for the High Point Washington program are typically due two weeks before the publicized TWC application deadline. This allows ample time for applications to be reviewed by the HPW Advisory Committee, notifications of program admissions decisions to be sent, and revisions of materials to be made (if required) before the final packet is submitted to The Washington Center for their own review process.


Deadline for Submission of Application Materials to HPW
Deadline for Submission to TWC (contingent upon acceptance by HPW)
Spring, 2020
Early Deadline09/30/1910/09/19
Regular Deadline10/28/1911/06/19
Summer, 2020
Early Deadline2/10/20*2/19/20*
Regular Deadline3/02/203/18/20
Fall, 2020
Early Deadline3/30/204/08/20
Regular Deadline4/27/205/06/20


* Some internship sites have timelines that precede TWC’s Early Deadline. These sites include most law enforcement agencies as well as some law/legal affairs firms, think tanks, museums, embassies, government agencies, and international relations opportunities. If you are interested in opportunities like these, we recommend submitting your summer application by January, 2020.


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