High Point Washington

Application Instructions

Program admission is a three-step process involving

A) preliminary application to High Point Washington (HPW)

B) approval of application by HPW

C) program application and admission by The Washington Center (TWC)

First, your materials will be reviewed by the HPW Advisory Committee. If you are approved for program participation by this committee, you will be directed to complete the final TWC online application. At that point, you will need to be able to include your Professional Interests Statement in the application and upload electronic copies of your Issues Essay and Resumé, so be sure to save these documents in separate files in preparation for that step. The Washington Center will then conduct their review of your materials and notify you if you have been granted or denied admission.

Click here for a printable version of the application instructions.

Step A.  Preliminary Application to High Point Washington

You should prepare all of your application materials very carefully and make sure they are free from errors. Many of these documents (e.g. Resume, Professional Interests Statement, Issues Essay) are used by HPW and TWC during their respective acceptance processes. Some of the documents may also be sent to prospective internship sites after your acceptance by TWC. Please prepare the following documents and submit them to the HPW Office for review.

1. Preliminary application submitted online

  • A.  Resumé (self-generated) – Include a one-page resumé that outlines your educational background, honors or recognitions, work experience, activities, special skills, travel interests, etc. Please be sure to include any computer-related expertise or foreign language skills, as well as prior internships and community service activities. Prior to submitting your application, please have your resumé reviewed by Career and Internship Services. If you do not have a current resumé, please check with Career and Internship Services for advice on format.
  • B.   Unofficial Transcript (available from MyStuff) – An unofficial copy of your transcript must be included with your application materials.  You can obtain this unofficial transcript by printing it from your MyStuff account.
  • C.  Statement of Professional Interest (self-generated) – In approximately 100 words, describe the kinds of activities in which you would like to be involved during your internship and how these activities would relate to your career goals.  Please do not specify the name(s) of any particular organization in this statement.
  • D.  Issues Essay (self-generated) – Please compose an essay of approximately 500 words to be used as a writing sample. This component of the application provides you with an opportunity to reflect on a key issue with which you may wish to be engaged during your internship and demonstrate your written communication skills to HPW, TWC and prospective internship site supervisors. You should ensure that your essay is relevant to the professional field in which you’d like to intern and includes your personal opinion on the issue discussed.
  • E.  HPW Student Preliminary Application Form – complete the HPW Student Preliminary Application Form, providing your personal and academic information and attach all of the above documents in electronic form.

2. Supporting materials to be submitted to Jana S. Spain

  • HPW Course Equivalency Approval Form – Working with your advisor, you will need to complete this form and acquire the appropriate equivalency approvals for the credits you will earn as a participant in the High Point Washington Program.
  • HPW Student Services Reference Form – This is a standard form used for all High Point University Away Programs. Complete and sign the top section of this form, authorizing release to any official representatives of High Point University’s High Point Washington Program any information related to your academic performance, disciplinary record, medical records, or disability documentation  to assist in the assessment of your application for the High Point Washington program and to facilitate your experience.  Please note that the presence of a disciplinary file, a medical or mental health condition, or a disability does NOT automatically disqualify you from participation in the High Point Washington program. 
  • HPW Participant Agreement Form – This is a standard form required of all students participating in High Point University Away Programs.
  • HPW Health Information and Emergency Treatment Form – This is a standard form required of all students participating in High Point University Away Programs.
  • HPW Travel Release Form – This is a standard form required of all students participating in High Point University Away Programs.
  • HPW Application Fee Payment Form – You will need to complete the HPW Application Fee form and take it to Student Accounts, 1st Floor, Roberts Hall with your $150.00 non-refundable program application fee. Once your payment is received, Student Accounts will return the validated form to you. You will then need to submit it to HPW with your other application materials.
Click here to download all 6 of these forms for the Supporting Materials for your application.

Submission Information

Once you have completed the required forms above, submit to:

Dr. Jana Spain
Director, High Point Washington Program
School of Education 227


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