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Human Relations

B.A. Human Relations

Students are invited to select Human Relations as a major/minor until April 2020. After this date, this major will no longer accept students into the academic programs.

The major provides an academic base for students pursuing careers involving interpersonal relationships and emphasizes the human side of professional organizations. Human relations is an academic program grounded in organizational behavior that embraces the theory to practice perspective. Program content integrates an interdisciplinary approach providing a broad-based curriculum based in analytical, conceptual and behavioral studies drawing from the social sciences and organizational theory. Examples of instructional activities utilized within the major that serve to complement the traditional lecture format include group discussions, student debates, panel presentations, individual and group research projects, service learning, civic engagement, external organizational consultation, practica and internships, off-campus observations and interviews, case study analysis and presentation. Unique to the major in human relations is that these nontraditional approaches strengthen student learning while simultaneously demonstrating the very outcomes valued within the curriculum. With emphasis on a pedagogical approach that is both theoretical and experiential in nature, academic focus is on contemporary knowledge related to the optimization of human interaction for increased performance within the work environment.

What is human relations?

Enjoy working with people? Searching for a major that provides opportunities to improve interpersonal and professional skills? Considering a career in a people-oriented discipline? The central focus of our unique human relations major is to develop students’ mastery of interpersonal relations in a professional context leading to the success of individuals, groups and organizations. The program addresses both theoretical and applied competencies in communication, team development, leadership, conflict resolution and negotiation, public relations, project management, intercultural dynamics and public relations.

A hallmark of our program is the emphasis on experiential learning both within the classroom and in our required practicum and internship experiences. Our students develop the skills necessary for professional success and have a solid foundation of experience from which to launch exciting careers upon graduation.

Unique Courses

  • Conflict Resolution and Stress Management
  • Contemporary Perspectives on Leadership
  • Group Dynamics and Team Development
  • Human Relations and Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Organizational Theory and Design
  • Project Development and Management
  • The Global Workplace
  • Training and Organizational Development

What can I do with this major?

Human relations graduates often secure exciting positions as leaders, directors and managers in a wide spectrum of corporate and nonprofit organizations. Previous graduates have obtained positions in corporate leadership development, management training programs, marketing, sales, public relations, event management and other professional roles. Graduates choosing to continue their education often obtain a MBA, MPA and advanced degrees in Adult Education and Counseling.

Human Relations at HPU


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