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The interdisciplinary major in International Relations (INR) prepares students for professional careers and programs of graduate study that require a deep and nuanced understanding of the cultural, economic and political forces that shape relations among different social systems, nations and regions. The program combines the resources and unique perspectives of four distinct disciplines–economics, foreign languages, history and political science. Required coursework provides majors with a strong foundation in a foreign language, quantitative reasoning and the application of diverse methodologies and perspectives to understand interactions among different societies. Students choose from a broad range of electives to develop one or more areas of substantive or regional expertise that reflect their primary areas of interest and their expected career path. INR majors are encouraged strongly to complement their coursework with practical, hands- on learning experiences; thus, a portion of their requirements are fulfilled by conducting original research, studying abroad or completing internships with international organizations, institutions or agencies. The major provides a strong academic foundation for students who desire to pursue graduate-level studies in law, business, foreign relations, international security, international development, economics, history or political science.


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